The Communists Are Coming (If You Don’t Like It – Study Marx and Stop Supporting Hitler)!

The Russian people are carry-out a tremendously import and and Revolutionary act! We can help them fight! Let our words be as effective as their bullets! Aim our ideas of support and FIRE at the targets we need to hit! Disagree and move forward! From today we are ALL Red Army soldiers! Onwards my dear Comrades – onwards to the future!

Insidious Ukrainian Anti-Russian and Anti-Belarusian Immigration Racism! Neo-Nazi News Round-Up Issue 18! (21.2.2022)

Make sure you are on the side of the working-class – the most progressive class that will eventually defeat predatory capitalism and build a Socialist Society for a Communist tomorrow! It is us – the Communists – who have always stood-up to the fascists and who have always led the fight and died first! Raise the Red Flag and charge forward in anyway you can, Comrades! Water the ground with our red blood – the Workers are coming and no force in the universe can stop their advance!

Donbass: Max Kolesnikov (Artilleryman) Captured by Anti-Fascists! Neo-Nazi New Round Up Issue 17! (21.3.2022)

Max Kolesnikov is an example of a modern Jew who whilst opposing the far-right’s anti-Jewish ideology – supports the far-right in virtually every other aspect! Whereas Russian soldiers would fight and give-up their lives for the safety of Jews like ‘Max Kolesnikov ‘ – his hate filled ‘Zionist’ ideology would ‘support’ the very same far-right in its killing of those very Russian soldiers! In a peaceful life, he is probably a caring husband and father, a good family man. But for some reason he denied the right to life to ordinary residents of Donbass. We hope de-Nazification will help him realize his mistakes.

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