Trident Branding Iron – Neo-Nazi News Issue 8! (21.3.2022)

The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

A Maidan Neo-Nazi recruitment video intended to impress the shallow and mentally challenged! Recording this kind of video, these Neo-Nazi idiots do not even realize that they are working for their enemy, in fact, for Russia, and cause feelings that are just the opposite of what is expectedl This is a ‘trident’ or ‘swooping eagle’ devised in 1935 for the Nazi German Army! They will be okay in the West for awhile as the mainstream media there is still portraying these Neo-Nazi rapists and murderers as upholders of Human Rights!

Where It All Begins!

Записывая такого рода видео, эти идиоты даже не понимают, что работают, по сути, на Россию, и вызывают чувства, прямо противоположные ожидаемым.

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