Thank You Mother Russia – From ALL Non-White Peoples of the World! (Спасибо Матушка Россия – от ВСЕХ небелых народов мира!)

Flags of Thousands of ‘Destroyed’ Nazi German Units in 1945! (Moscow)! Today, These ‘Nazi’ Flags Are Being ‘Proudly’ Flown by the Azov and Aidar Battalions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces!

We have to live in a world dominated by the ‘White’ bourgeoisie – these are the people in the US, UK and EU who have been financing and arming their own (domestic) Neo-Nazi Movements (disguising this process as ‘populism’ within a democratic country), and then ‘exporting’ this far-right (anti-Russian) rhetoric into the far-flung corners of the world! Neo-Nazism exists throughout the US, UK, EU (including Germany), and now surrounds Mother Russia in the form of the corrupt and murderous Neo-Nazi regimes in Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, etc! All this ‘Hitlerism’ re-born is supported with Western money, Western arms and Western military training!

Nazi German (Axis) POWs Paraded Through Moscow – Churchill Had Said It Was a ‘Lie’ that 80,000 Nazis Had Surrendered To the Soviet Union at Stalingrad!

There is an old saying ‘Make Racists Scared Again!’ – and the Russian ‘Special Military Operation’ in Neo-Nazi Ukraine has certainly done that! No more do we – the ‘Non-White’ population of the world – have to put-up with the bullying and racism emanating from the ‘White’ bourgeoisie! The ‘White’ bourgeoisie is only supporting Neo-Nazism because the ‘anti-Russian’ racism this movement upholds is also ‘anti-Socialist’, and ‘anti-Working-class’ – and these concepts ‘over-lap’ with the current class interests of the ‘White’ bourgeoisie! It is the predatory capitalism that is the enemy of the ‘White’ working-class and ALL ‘Non-White’ peoples of the world subject to its oppression, tyranny and destruction! We must stand tall and strong with Mother Russia and value the Russian-blood that is being spilt in our favour – in our well-being! If we do not do this – then we are no better than the Neo-Nazis we oppose!

We Do Fear Fascism!

The ruling bourgeoise want ‘nationalism’ and they oppose our ‘internationalism’! The ‘White’ bourgeoise wants us to fight one another through contrived notions of ‘separateness’ so that we cannot develop the ‘true’ consciousness’ that Marx discusses and explains! If we are busy opposing and hating one another – then we are prime-targets for the Neo-Nazis, their running-dogs and their lackeys! Gather together and show working-class strength and courage in the face of this bourgeois tyranny! Support the Russian Army in anyway you can – after-all – they are dying for your right to exist! Do not give-in to bourgeois hypocrisy and its mania for profit seeking! remain psychologically and physically free of the terrible, corrupt and one-sided system they inhabit and perpetuate! Develop the ability to ‘see through’ the trap of religion (particularly the fascist-supporting Roman Catholic Church), and be ‘free’ of the need to conform to stupidity and inverted anti-intellectualism! We are human-beings of equal worth – it is time to ‘stand-up’ and be counted! Here we stand and we must hold the line in the face of cross-border Neo-Nazism! We must strong and we must stand strong together! Take their blows, take their insights – and yes – take their bullets, all we have is our lives and our bodies! Protect the weak, protect those who cannot protect themselves – the Russian Army is doing this for every single one of us right now!

Proud of Russia and Proud to Be a Communist!

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