Kyiv: US, UK and EU Military Equipment Captured Unused! (21.3.2022)

Where Your Tax Revenue Is Going!

😎The Russian landing captured a large amount of equipment near Kyiv. The units of the Russian Airborne Forces seized armoured vehicles and weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in one of the suburbs of Kyiv. The equipment is fully operational and was actually ‘unused’ abandoned by the Ukrainian military during their hasty retreat.

Money Well Spent!

🇷🇺😎Русский десант захватил большое количество техники под Киевом
Подразделения ВДВ России захватили бронетехнику и вооружение ВСУ в одном из пригородов Киева. Техника полностью исправна и была фактически оставлена украинскими военными при отступлении.

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