Kyiv: Denis ‘Stalker’ – Fascist Volunteer – Killed! Neo-Nazi News Round-Up Issue 11! (21.3.2022)

A Western Neo-Nazi Volunteer from the US, UK or EU!

A Neo-Nazi ‘Volunteer’ killed during a bayonet charge of the Russian Army ‘Shock’ Infantry on the outskirts of Kyiv! He was with a group of possibly Americans and British – all of whom were killed in action! He is known as Denis “Stalker” in the Ukrainian “Neo-Nazi Movement”. Like many Neo-Nazis – when it came down to it – he begged for his life but no mercy was shown! It is a shame that his parents may learn of his fate through this blog – but then they should not have let him go down this path when growing-up!

Некий неонацист из Киева Денис “Сталкер”. Известный в “движе”.

Убит. Точнее, прижмурили.

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