Ukraine: Neo Nazi News – Issue 7 – Elderly Lady Volkssturm! (20.3.2022)

Elderly Lady Heeds Zelensky’s Call for Frontline Duty!

An Elderly lady in Ukraine heeds the call of President Zelensky for ALL 65s and over to mobilise and head to the Ukraine-Donbass region to receive their weapons! However, the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Border Guard knows this woman’s family and is saying she must turn-back because ‘that way is certain death’! She is annoyed and says she is a REAL fascist and that young people today do not know what true fascism is all about! She is telephoning her husband who is an Officer in the ‘Azov’ Neo-Nazi Battalion so that he can ‘order’ this Border Guard to let her through!

Russian Language Article:

Одесса, блокпост

Фольксштурм кошмарит бабушку

Фашист! – отвечает она фашисту


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