Site of an Early Russian Defeat… (20.3.2022)

Carnage – Site of An Early Russian Defeat!

In the meantime, on this day the Neo-Nazi supporters of Bandera were dancing around the Kherson and New Kakhovka area in celebration – at the beginning of the operation (in February), very close to Nikolaev. The Russian Army and DPR and LPR People’s Militia were yet properly integrated on the ground and mistakes were made. Many young men and women lost their lives in the fight against fascism and Neo-Nazism! Many young men and women died in the name of our freedom… This is where the US, UK and EU weaponry did its most damage!

We post the video for objectivity, so that you all understand that not everything is as rosy here, as Yura Podolyaka says.


Russian Language Article:

💥💥💥 А пока сегодня бандеровцы водят хороводы по Херсону и Новой Каховке, в начале операции (февраль месяц) совсем рядом (под Николаевым)  кто-то из местных сдал позицию ночёвки войск антифашистов и ночью это место накрыли пакетами градов.

Видео выкладываем для объективности, чтобы вы все понимали, что тут не всё так радужно, как рассказывает тот же Юра Подоляка.


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