Mariupol: Neo-Nazi News 6 – Yulia ‘Taira’ Paevskaya – Captured by DPR Forces (16.3.2022)

At one of the checkpoints in Mariupol, the fighters of the DPR Armed Forces detained Yulia Paevskaya (Юлию “Тайру” Паевскую) – known in the Ukraine as a fascist volunteer and paramedic – as well as a participant in the oppression of Donbass since 2014. Yulia Paevskaya is a staunch supporter of the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ and is a volunteer-soldier in the notorious Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion! She is renowned for ‘withholding’ medical care to Donbass men, women and children – who were wounded or injured by Ukrainian shelling, sniping or landmines, etc, and refused to assist pregnant women and their babies when bomb-out of hospitals or homes between 2014-2022! When captured, she was carrying UK and EU arms, and had bags full of US medical equipment intended for use by the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis!

Obviously, the Ukrainian media is ‘pretending’ Yulia is a ‘victim of the Russian Forces and is ‘playing-down’ her criminality! This is aided in the US, UK and EU,- within which YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are allowing ‘fake’ stories about her ‘glowing’ history! Yulia is a vicious Neo-Nazi who has assisted in the ‘killing’ Donbass people for as long as the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime has been illegally in-charge of West Ukraine!

Yulia – Not ‘So Peaceful’ in Her Frontline Neo-Nazi ‘Azov’ Battalion Role!

The Head of the Azov Medical Service – tried to escape from Mariupol under the guise of a refugee dressed in civilian clothes! Yulia Paevskaya – call-sign “Taira” – tried to leave Mariupol along the humanitarian corridor. At one of the checkpoints, a staunch supporter of the Maidan was detained. The circumstance of her ‘cowardly’ capture is not being broadcast in the Neo-Nazi-supporting West!

Russian Language Article:

Начальница медслужбы «Азова»* пыталась сбежать из Мариуполя под видом беженца Переодевшись в гражданскую одежду, Юлия Паевская «Тайра»,пыталась выехать из Мариуполя по гуманитарному коридору.На одном из блокпостов убежденную сторонницу Майдана задержали.

Во время операции по освобождеению Мариуполя бойцы Народной милиции ДНР захватили в плен известную нацистку Юлию Паевскую.

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