Israel Predicts Mass Exodus! (20.3.2022)

Apparently – Neo-Nazis and Jews Do Not Get On!

Although Israel has projected a ‘neutral’ position internationally with regards Russia’s ‘Special Operation’ in Ukraine, and even pretended to want peace (whilst its people celebrate all Russian casualties, set-backs and reverses), the Israeli media has continued to propagate exactly the same anti-Russian racism that is seen throughout the Western world! Being anti-Russian is not a problem in Israel as this is a country that expunges the Soviet Red Army out of the history books – or colludes with US anti-intellectualism in perpetuating the ‘ahistorical’ lie that there was no difference between the Nazi Germans and the USSR!

After all, the USSR cut diplomatic links with Israel twice over its blatant militarism (1952 and 1967) and was a prime mover behind the UN vote in 1975 that exposed ‘Zionism’ to be a form of ‘White Supremacy’ formulated by White, (secular), middle-class Jews in 1880s Germany! Just like the White Europeans landing, colonising and settling the Americas – Israel is doing exactly the same in the land of non-White Palestine – wiping-out the Palestinian population and stealing its land. This classically ‘fascist’ approach of Israel’s, however, does not ingratiate itself with that other Germanic strand of totalitarianism and racism founded by Adolf Hitler. Whereas Israeli (Zionist) fascism targets the non-White Palestinian population (and even expels non-White Jews) – Hitler’s ideology targets the Jews and blames this group for everything that is wrong in the world. Of course, not all Jews are Israeli, and not all Jews agree with Zionism or support Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians – but ALL Jews are targeted by Hitler’s ideology – and this just happens to be the underpinning State-creed of Maidan Ukraine!

Just for the cameras, the Israeli government pretended to toe the US propaganda line but behind the scenes things were brewing! Many Israelis were complaining that their ‘allies’ – the Ukrainians – are in fact vicious anti-Semites and that if they are allowed into Israel, millions of Jews might decide to leave! A deal was done with the US Authorities whereby it was agreed that Israel would change its declared position and NO LONGER offer asylum to fleeing Ukrainians – but make no public statement as to WHY this was the case. The Western media would do its bit by not highlighting this Israeli about face, or probe too deeply into its reasons. After all, exactly the same Western media has turned a blind-eye to Israel killing and maiming over 60,000 Palestinian men, women and children between 1948-2022 – so this small omission of the truth should be that taxing to achieve.

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