We Must Support Russia Because Their is No Honour Amongst US, UK and EU Thieves (Or Racists)! 

LPR (LNR) Soldier Frees RUBIZHNE! (West Lugansk) from Neo-Nazi Occupation – 2022!

At least when Churchill assisted the Vatican in air-lifting ten thousand Ukrainian members of the SS Galicia Division (to live amongst unsuspecting Scottish people) in 1946 – he did so with the cover-story that they were all ‘Polish Refugees’ escaping the nasty Communists! Even Churchill, (who had enquired as to the military feasibility of ‘attacking’ the USSR in August, 1945), understood that he probably could not ‘sell’ the resettlement of collaborating Nazi War Criminals to any section of the British population (which had been on the receiving end of Hitlerite-bombs between 1939-1945)! Of course, this fact flies in the face of the received reputation of Churchill as an icon of the right – as a ‘great leader’ who stood-up to fascism – when in fact his proper political and military record quite clearly demonstrates his tendency to ‘collaborate’ with the forces of reaction, murder and genocide, etc!  (In his election campaigns of the 1950s – Churchill referred to ‘Socialism’ as ‘evil’). In other words, Churchill was a racist and a fascist who just (‘inconvenient’ for him) had to ‘fight’ another ‘racist’ and a ‘fascist’ (Hitler) when public outrage grew beyond a certain point that he or his political-handlers could manage! When Pope (Pius XII) requested that Churchill assist ten thousand ‘good Ukranian Catholics’ escape the brutality of Soviet justice – Churchill was only too ready to comply – despite the fact that these ‘Ukrainian’ men (and millions more such as the Finns, Italians, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Slovakians, Spanish and Romanians, etc, like them) had assisted the Nazi Germans in perpetuating the (total) material destruction of the Western USSR and the murder of around Soviet 41 million men, women and children between 1941-1945!  

History matters, as everything we are is dialectically entwined and wrapped-up with the past! An interesting question – with Churchill’s duplicitous behaviour aside for a moment – why is a British population with a very real history of fighting fascism is now being instructed that the ‘good guys’ (as the Americans keep telling us) are now the ‘Neo-Nazis’ who illegally took over the governance of the Ukraine in 2014, following a US, Uk and EU funded, armed and supported coup! How can this, in anyway, make any moral, historical or political sense? Well, it does on one-level of analysis. Ever since Mussolini developed the concept of modern ‘fascism’ (the ‘fascisti’ or bright-burning light which is carried ‘high’ by a ‘chosen’ individual for all to see!), the bourgeoisie (middle-class) and the aristocracy (upper-class) have always found this ideology as intercepting with their own ideas pertaining to a ‘divine’ or ‘god-like’ attempt at a ‘dictatorship’ which keeps the workers and the peasants firmly in their place and controlled by an iron-like grip! Both Mussolini and Hitler believed firmly in the old adage ‘intolerance and persecution begin at home!’ – and so it would appear – did Churchill! Whereas the British working-class was marching through the streets protesting about Mussolini and Hitler throughout the 1920s and 1930s (culminating in volunteering to ‘fight’ in the Spanish Civil War), the middle and upper-classes would much rather have had an ‘accommodation’ of differences! 

The workers of the world – marshalled by the ‘Communist International’ headquartered in Moscow – had other ideas, and it is within the ideology of Marxist-Leninism that the working-class opposition to fascism originates, as it certainly does not originate from within the rhetoric of liberal democracy! When the United States opposed fascism, it possessed a President who was in a wheelchair. Fredrick Dwight Roosevelt (FDR) probably knew more than most – what destiny awaited ALL disabled people should the Nazi Germans secure their hold on Europe – and then probably America, the USSR and Africa, etc! This explains why, just following the coming to power of Hitler in 1933, Roosevelt decided to do the unthinkable and establish formal ‘diplomatic’ links between the US and the USSR! He knew then that there was going to be trouble on a massive world-wide stage and that it would take an integration of military forces to confront and put a stop to Hitler (and his allies)! Now, as then, Hitler was by no means ‘unpopular’! Indeed, even amongst a substantial swathe of the world’s workers – he was popular (primarily because he achieved his intended policy of ‘full-employment’ and ‘hire-purchase’ payments, etc). 

The UK had never liked the USSR and had contributed to the 14-counrty ‘Entente’ invasion of Revolutionary Russia in 1918, alongside the US, Australia, Canada, Yugoslavia, France, Japan, Greece, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Italy, China, India and South Africa, etc. This was as well as Germany and six of her allies – Austria-Hungary, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia, etc (there was also a far-right military formation known as the ‘Freikorps’ or ‘Free Corps’). Indeed, between April-November 1918 – whilst British and German troops continued to kill one another in the mud of France and Belgium – the similar British and German troops fought side by side in Russia in the joint effort of attempting to ‘hunt-down’ and ‘kill’ Lenin so that the Russian Revolution could be snuffed out – ‘In its cradle’ as Churchill opined. Anti-Russian racism was an evident then, as it is today, particularly when it is considered that Russian troops had lost millions fighting on the side of the Western-allies between 1914-1917! Indeed, then as now, the supposed ‘enemy’ of Germany was treated much better by the Western-allies than was the ‘ally’ of Russia!  

America, the UK and the EU has never given-up the idea of destroying Russia as an independent nation and power-house in the world! In 1991, what Churchill had set-out to destroy in 1917, and Hitler in 1941 – was finally accomplished – in that the working-class USSR was brought-down by the collective effort of the international bourgeoisie! But this was only stage one of a much more comprehensive plan to ‘end’ Russia as a world power and subjugate its people to Western-European power! The USSR was physically ended in 1991 – but there has always been a battle fought on the interior and exterior of Russia to ‘end’ the USSR as ‘history’! This is to say – the drive to ‘eradicate’ everything the USSR stood for throughout its 74-year history – including its oppositional stance toward world fascism! As the Western (capitalist) democracies have NEVER opposed fascism in anything but a half-hearted manner – it is the reputation of the USSR that is proving an embarrassment to the world community! Modern Russia is ‘capitalist’ – yes – but its banking system has remained ‘independent’ from direct American control. Furthermore, the Russian people are continuously targeted by Western racism, whilst the US, UK and EU has manoeuvred a number of right-wing and far-right regimes into power in countries surrounding Russia. The point is to generate a far-right Revolution inside of Russia which links-up with all these far-right satellite States and ‘normalises’ Hitlerism throughout the region – thus ‘wiping-out’ the memory of the USSR and its fight against fascism! What Putin and the Russian people have down is served notice that they are not prepared to allow the West to manipulate the world in this manner – and have taken military steps to ensure that this tide of Western (fascistic) ignorance is ‘turned-back’ and snuffed-out around (and from within) modern Russia! Russia has militarily proven that the West does not control the world and that Neo-Nazism can be took-on and defeated throughout the Ukraine! 

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