US Suggests ‘Horse-Drawn’ Carts for Beleaguered Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Forces! (19.3.2023)

Fascists Misuse Human and Animal Life!

🇺🇦The ‘Master Race’ is running out of options – and their American-backers are of little hflp. Neo-Nazi Battalions ask for a Horse-drawn Carts in mimicry of the American Wild Wear!
Apparently, Ukraine is running out of not only modern weapons, but also transport. As a result, some units are forced to use horse-drawn carts.

🇺🇦Батальоны просят коня
По всей видимости, на Украине заканчивается не только современное вооружение, но и транспорт. В результате, в некоторых подразделениях вынуждены использовать гужевые повозки

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