Neo-Nazi News Round-Up – Issue 3! Papal Blessing Does Not Save Hitlerite Regime (19.3.2022)

Perhaps the greatest irony is film-footage of key Italian fascists being publically executed by the victorious Western Allies – only to have their deaths overseen by the very Catholic Priests who had been with them throughout all of Mussolini’s rule – and who had encouraged every fascistic act and policy! Not only this, but the Catholic Church had taken the lead-role in ‘rescuing’ Nazi German (and ‘Axis’) War Criminals in their ‘escape’ from justice after WWII – and ensuring ‘safe-passage’ to (Catholic) situated countries within South America! Today’s Neo-Nazi countries of Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine, etc, are all staunch Catholic regimes who are now surfing on the wave of fake public adulation fabricated by the Western media!

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