Neo-Nazi News Round-Up – Issue 3! Papal Blessing Does Not Save Hitlerite Regime (19.3.2022)

Vatican Confirms ‘Essential Correctness’ of Neo-Nazi Position in Ukraine and Throughout Eastern Europe!

If you dig deep enough into all the countries that currently (and openly) support Neo-Nazism – the Roman Catholic Church looms large – and has done so throughout numerous totalitarian regimes for centuries. Despite supporting fascism, before, during and after WWII – the Roman Catholic Church was never held accountable for its behaviour in any way. Perhaps the greatest irony is film-footage of key Italian fascists being publically executed by the victorious Western Allies – only to have their deaths overseen by the very Catholic Priests who had been with them throughout all of Mussolini’s rule – and who had encouraged every fascistic act and policy!

Captured Ukrainian Neo-Nazi – Not So Lippy When in Chechen Custody!

Not only this, but the Catholic Church had taken the lead-role in ‘rescuing’ Nazi German (and ‘Axis’) War Criminals in their ‘escape’ from justice after WWII – and ensuring ‘safe-passage’ to (Catholic) situated countries within South America! Today’s Neo-Nazi countries of Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine, etc, are all staunch Catholic regimes who are now surfing on the wave of fake public adulation fabricated by the Western media! The Border of Neo-Nazi Poland and Neo-Nazi Ukraine is now over-run with Catholic Priests, Catholic Monks, Catholic Nuns and lay-Catholic (charitable) representatives all vying for donations and news interviews designed to gain a greater exposure to raise a greater volume of funds! As Russia is providing all the aid the Ukrainians need – there is no need (or facility) for Western aid to get through! These Western charities are a monumental ‘con’ with the only Ukrainians coming to the West being out and out ‘War Criminals’!

‘Essentially Correct’ or Not – the Fact Remains that Neo-Nazi Ukraine Has No Infrastructure Left and Has Been Forced to Revert to Horse and Carts!
DPR Tank Targets What is Left of the ‘Azov’ Neo-Nazi Battalion in Mariupol!

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