World Without Nazism: Countries That Refuse to Reject Nazism (28.1.2015) 

Translator’s Note: The US government (and its lackeys) are ordering Google (and other supposedly ‘independent’ search-engines) to limit access to the Russian-language internet – so that the populace of the West cannot gain any genuine knowledge of the Russian viewpoint of reality – but must rely upon the one-sided ‘bleating’ of the so-called ‘free press’ to provide wrong, incomplete and purely ‘fictional’ news! However, the purposeful ‘blocking’ of data is a tricky hit or miss affair that relies upon the average person’s lack of computer knowledge, and the general lack of staying-power when it comes to logical-thinking and working-out different ways of solving problems. Although the United States can ‘block’ various aspects of the Russian language internet – a research only has to access a country’s internet near Russia – which usually carries ‘shared’ versions of the original Russian articles. Although the Western bourgeoisie is currently embracing Neo-Nazism throughout Eastern Europe – it does not want the working-class of the West to gain reliable knowledge that proves this is the case. This is because the Western bourgeoisie is ‘blocking’ (through ‘sanctions’) the access of the Russian bourgeoisie to the fruits of the international exploitation of the proletariat! In other words, the dominant US bourgeoisie is preventing the flow of finance gained from the outer world capitalist system into the interior of Russia. Conversely, the US is also preventing the spread of knowledge originating from within the Russian interior to the outside world! What appears below is gathered primarily from a Russian-language version of this article that has been uploaded onto the ‘Kazakhstan’ internet – although the final paragraph is missing in this rendition (I have lifted it from other, incomplete Russian-language versions, etc). ACW (18.3.2022)  

MOSCOW, January 28th – RIA Novosti. Some European countries are not ready to abandon the rehabilitation of the Nazi ideology, according to the statement of the international human rights movement “World without Nazism”. 

In many countries, January 27th is commemorated as Holocaust Remembrance Day. On this day in 1945, Soviet troops liberated the Auschwitz (Auschwitz-Birkenau) death camp in Poland. A wide discussion on the eve of the celebration was caused by the (false) statement made by the Polish Foreign Minister – Grzegorz Schetyna – that Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated by the Ukrainians, since the operation was carried out by units of the First Ukrainian Front! These statements caused a wave of indignation both in the Russian Federation and in the West. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that trying to play on some kind of nationalist feelings in this situation is absolutely blasphemous and cynical. The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that it is well known that Auschwitz was liberated by the Red Army, in which soldiers of all nationalities fought heroically. 

“Some European States are not ready to abandon the course of whitewashing Nazism. Some short-sighted politicians, having a historical education, allow themselves to make official statements to the whole world through their own countries – which distorts historical truth, rewrites the history of the liberation of Auschwitz and renames the liberators as executioners,” commented a spokesperson for World Without Nazism. 

The document notes that today “Neo-Nazism, modern forms and practices of Nazism are raising their heads all over the world.” “This is especially noticeable in Europe: the distortion of history, the increased activity of radical groups, manifestations of extremism, religious intolerance, the growth of hate crimes have become a daily phenomenon. These days, each of us must refresh our memory as to the consequences of the adherence to the ideas of Nazism,” the statement continues. 

The World Without Nazism movement believes that politicians like Schetyna should visit the preserved Death Camps themselves, study the history of the formation of the First Ukrainian Front, “pay special attention to dates, places and true Soviet liberator-heroes on the battle path from Stalingrad to Berlin” and realize that “the real executioners were the German Nazis and their henchmen, and the liberator of Europe (and the world) was and is the multinational Soviet army.” 

“Together we need to give bold and fair assessment of the actions of such politicians, modern collaborators and ultra-radical youth formations, which, ignoring history and forgetting about the consequences of this, mindlessly, (on bare populism), indulge the spread of Neo-Nazi ideology, dismantle universal human values and manipulate the feelings of people, especially the young generations,” the movement claims. 

On the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the movement announced the launch of an ambitious programme of action “1945-2045: 100 years without Nazism”, which “will unite the anti-fascists of the world in a united front against Neo-Nazism.”

Ряд стран не отказывается от реабилитации нацизма  

28 января 2015, 15:36ИА Тотал Казахстан 

“Мир без нацизма”: ряд стран не отказывается от реабилитации нацизма 

Некоторые страны Европы не готовы отказаться от реабилитации нацистской идеологии, говорится в заявлении международного правозащитного движения «Мир без нацизма», сообщает 

Во многих странах 27 января отмечается как день памяти жертв Холокоста. В этот день в 1945 году советские войска освободили лагерь смерти Освенцим (Аушвиц-Биркенау) в Польше. Широкую дискуссию накануне торжества вызвало заявление главы МИДа Польши Гжегожа Схетыны о том, что Аушвиц-Биркенау был освобожден украинцами, поскольку операцию проводили подразделения Первого украинского фронта. Эти высказывания вызвали волну возмущения как в РФ, так и на Западе. Глава МИДа РФ Сергей Лавров заявил, что пытаться играть на каких-то националистических чувствах в этой ситуации абсолютно кощунственно и цинично. В российском МИДе отмечали, что общеизвестно, что Освенцим освобождали войска Красной Армии, в составе которых героически сражались солдаты всех национальностей. 

«Некоторые европейские государства не готовы отказаться от курса обеления нацизма. Отдельные недальновидные политики, имея историческое образование, позволяют себе в собственных странах на весь мир делать официальные заявления, искажая историческую правду, переписывая историю освобождения Освенцима, называть освободителей палачами», — заявило движение «Мир без нацизма». 

В документе отмечается, что сегодня «неонацизм, современные формы и практики нацизма поднимают голову во всем мире». «Особенно это заметно в Европе: повседневным явлением стали искажения истории, возросшая активность радикально настроенных групп, проявления экстремизма, религиозной нетерпимости, рост преступлений на почве ненависти. В эти дни каждый из нас должен освежить в памяти последствия, к которым приводит приверженность идеям нацизма», — говорится в заявлении. 

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