Soviet National Anthem Blasts-Out Once Again Across the Ukrainian Battlefeild! (18.3.2022

At 5am this morning, by order of the President of the Russian Federation, the Russian bombardment of the Neo-Nazi positions in Ukraine fell silent. In its place, and for about five minutes, the Soviet National Anthem was played through loud-speakers on every part of the battlefield! The cowardly Neo-Nazi Ukrainians were stunned, disconcerted and scared! Many dropped their weapons and ran away! This tactic was used on the Ukrainian battlefield against the retreating Nazi German forces during 1944!

Onward to Glory!

Following it’s completion the Russian Military opened up with everything its got – including mass Infantry attacks with fixed bayonets! The Neo-Nazi Ukrainians (and their Anglo-Saxon allies) suffered a terrible psychological and physical defeat! President Putin reminded the world that any Americans or Europeans caught fighting for the Neo-Nazis will be treated as common criminals! As Russia now wants to re-introduce the death penalty – such criminals could also face execution!

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