Rubizhne: Fighters of the LPR Army raise the Red Banner of Victory! (18.3.2022)

The Red Army Banner and the Lugansk Flag!

Fighters of the Lugansk People’s Republic Army (People’s Militia) of East Ukraine – raise the Red Banner of Victory over the Administrative Buildings of Rubizhne (Situated in the West of Lugansk)! The brain-washing through the mainstream media in the West is disgusting and despicable! There is NO free press – there is only the government (and its ‘bourgeois’ agenda), the licenses issued to journalists – and the resulting ‘fake’ news that emanates out of the TV sets and radios at the receiving end of all the fabrications and lies! I am proud that my grandparents were ‘working-class’ and fought against Hitler and his awful ideology! Today, in true ‘inverted’ fashion, the Western ‘sheep’ are all bleating the same mindless support for the Neo-Nazi Forces of West Ukraine, that are controlled by the US, UK and EU ‘Maidan’ government which illegally took power in 2014! I say f’ck Hitler, f’ck Germany (past and present), f’ck the Ukraine and Long Live the Russian Army and the People’s Militia of Lugansk and Donetsk! It is these people who are standing-up to Neo-Nazism for us! It is they who ‘liberated’ the City below and it is they who are paying for our continued freedom with their blood! Do not give in to the British, Fascist State!

LPR (LNR) Soldier – Red Banner of Freedom!
LPR Soldier – Stood Above the Central-Door – And the Extended Shelter
The National Flag of Lugansk Contains the Red Star of the Soviet Union!

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