Human Rights Activist: Today – Ukraine Became an ‘Official’ Fascist State! (9.11.2018)

Translator’s Note: Above photograph – Excerpt from the film “The Wall”. Dir. Alan Parker, Donald Scarfe. 1982. UK – Hitler came to power in 1933, and yet by 1941 (just eight-years later), he had transformed German society entirely from the ground upwards, and recruited, indoctrinated, armed and trained a ruthless ‘fascistic’ military system that by the 1941 invasion of the USSR – field a massive five-million men under arms – with millions more in reserve! Although Hitler was only in power for twelve-years (as opposed to Mussolini’s twenty-two years), his effect on the world is still being felt! The US, UK and EU-backed Ukrainian Neo-Nazi State has existed eight-years between 2014-2022.

The US, UK and EU (the EU being an anti-Socialist and anti-working-class socio-economic-political power bloc conceived, constructed and controlled by the US), have colluded with the fat-right political movements of the Ukraine simply because they are anti-Russian in nature. Whilst the West fabricates so-called ‘Human Rights’ abuses involving the fakery of ‘Concentration Camps’ for gay-people in Chechnya and similar in China (supposedly for the Uyghur Muslims of Xinjiang) – it chooses to ‘ignore’ the genuine ‘Concentration Camps’ and ‘Human Rights’ abuses that they have funded and facilitated within ‘Maidan’ Ukraine!

Furthermore, whilst fabricating ‘Human Rights’ abuses in other parts of he world – the West has been deliberately and systematically ‘ignoring’ the very real ‘Human Rights’ abuses within the Ukraine – AND the surrounding Neo-Nazi Poland, Latvia and Lithuania! Why? It is because the Neo-Nazi movements, (although peculiar to the nationalities within which they emerge and operate), are regardless ALL adherents of Hitler’s ideology and united in their combined ‘hatred’ they possess for contemporary Russia and its Soviet past! In-short, whilst fabricating ‘Human Rights” abuses in other parts of the world as a means to oppose ‘Socialism’ – the US, UK and EU purposely IGNORES the real ‘Human Rights’ abuses perpetuated by the ultra-nationalists, Neo-Nazis and Neo-Fascists of the Ukraine, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania!

This is an important part of the US neo-imperialism throughout this region of Eastern Europe (and former ‘Communist Bloc’) which intends to see the expansion of the European Union (EU) up to the borders of Russia (whilst EXCLUDING Russia from membership), followed by the inevitable expansion of NATO – the military-wing of US foreign policy – again, up to the borders of Russia (whilst EXCLUDING Russia from membership)! Russia (like ‘China’ or ‘North Korea’), is the pariah against which ALL Western policy is a) ‘justified’ and b) acts in ‘opposition’ to! Russia – regardless of whatever socio-economic system its people choose – is not to be trusted! Although in theory its ‘Socialist’ history could be forgiven – what the Americans cannot forgive is the fact that Russia (like ‘China’ and ‘North Korea’) has refused to allow a Rothschild-controlled central bank to operate in Moscow – which would allow Washington a direct ‘access’ and ‘control’ of the Russian economy! This is how the US keeps control of the world’s capitalist economy. Any country which deviates from – or defies – US foreign policy is immediately ‘punished’ by having the ‘flow’ of money switched-off or otherwise ‘hindered’ within their respective countries!

Obviously, following Russia taking independent action against Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi infrastructure, the US (and its lackeys) have had to resort to economic ‘sanctions’ as a means to replicate a similar type of economic ‘terrorism’ upon the Russian people. However, what the Americans are not stating is just how ‘scatter-shot’ this policy is, and how it is just as likely to inflict detrimental effects upon the world (capitalist) system (and ‘population’) outside of Russia as it does inside of Russia. In other words, the ordinary citizens of the US, UK and EU will be ‘hurt’ in a manner that is not being admitted – whereas the people of Russia will be supported and uplifted by the economic power-house that is China! Direct access to the Russian-language Human Rights Movement ‘World Without Nazism’ is being ‘blocked by the US, UK and EU, so as to prevent any Western reference to a systematic collection of evidence regarding Western collusion with ‘Neo-Nazism’ as a deliberate policy. However, I have managed to ‘link’ an English translation which appears to be out-manoeuvring the ‘blocking’ attempts. ACW (18.3.2022)

KYIV, November 9, 2018, 10:18 — REGNUM “It is a fact that Ukraine today, has ‘officially’ become a Nazi State”, said Boris Shpigel (Борис Шпигель) on November 9th, 2018. Boris Shpigel is the President of the international Human Rights Movement “World Without Nazism” (Мир без нацизма).

“Today Ukraine has ‘officially’ become a Nazi State,” the Human Tights activist said, adding that the Nazi ideology in Ukraine is openly propagated and supported by the State. This, as Boris Spiegel said, is also evidenced by the fact that the Verkhovna (Parliament) Rada of Ukraine approved the Hitlerite slogan (used by of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists) of “Glory to Ukraine!” – to be used as an official military salute! The Western countries agreed with this decision because such a change to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) was ‘democratically’ decided by the Ukrainian Parliament which voted 271 votes – far exceeding the required 226 votes! “The resurgent Nazism in Ukraine is dangerous for Russia because we are a neighbouring States. And viruses, including political ones, spread, as you know, quickly,” said the President of the RIA Novosti – the Russian Human Rights Movement. Also, according to him, Jews are currently being persecuted in Ukraine, and Ukraine, in addition, is under the influence of the Neo-Nazi regimes currently operating within Lithuania and Poland, where the superiority of the State as the fascistic controlling principle of the people is proclaimed, and it was because of this that the Hungarian embassy in Kyiv was closed.

In addition, Boris Spiegel emphasized that he was indignant at the fact that monuments to Ukrainian extremist-nationalists and mass-murderers – Stepan Bandera and Symon Petliura – have been erected all over Kyiv. “It is unlikely that the government of Ukraine asked its people if they want to live in a Fascist State,” the Human Rights activist concluded and noted that, according to a study by the World Without Nazism organization, young people living in Ukraine leave the country after graduation precisely because they do not want to live in a Nazi state. It should be noted that earlier on October 15th, the leader of the organization of Ukrainian nationalistic “Right Sector” (an organization whose activities are banned in the Russian Federation) Dmitry Yarosh said that, by his unauthorized decision, two Neo-Nazi Battalions of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army were withdrawn from the frontline with Donbass to create a “Territorial Detachments Défense.” The representative of the operational Command of the DPR, in turn, then noted that such an action by Yarosh could be a preparation for a series of provocations within Ukraine that would be associated with the election race.

Russian Language Article:

Правозащитник: Украина стала нацистским государством

КИЕВ9 ноября 2018, 10:18 — REGNUM О том, что Украина сегодня стала нацистским государством, заявил 9 ноября президент международного правозащитного движения «Мир без нацизма» Борис Шпигель.

Любое использование материалов допускается только при наличии гиперссылки на ИА REGNUM.

«Сегодня Украина стала нацистским государством», — сказал правозащитник и добавил, что нацистская идеология на Украине пропагандируется открыто и поддерживается государством. Об этом же, как рассказал Борис Шпигель, свидетельствует также то, что Верховная рада Украины 271 голосом при необходимых 226 голосах утвердила лозунг украинских националистов «Слава Украине!» в качестве официального воинского приветствия.

«Возродившийся нацизм на Украине опасен для России тем, что мы соседние государства. А вирусы, в том числе политические, распространяются, как известно, быстро», — заявил президент правозащитного движения РИА Новости.

Также, по его словам, в настоящее время на Украине преследуется евреи, и Украина, кроме того, находится под влиянием Литвы и Польши, где провозглашено превосходство государствообразующих народов этих стран над всеми остальными, и именно из-за этого было закрыто посольство Венгрии в Киеве. Кроме этого, Борис Шпигель подчеркнул, что у него вызывает негодование факт установки в Киеве памятников украинским крайним националистам Степану Бандере и Симону Петлюре.

«Вряд ли правительство Украины спросило у своего народа, хочет ли он жить в фашистском государстве», — заключил правозащитник и отметил, что, согласно исследованию организации «Мир без нацизма», проживающие на Украине молодые люди уезжает из страны после окончания учебы именно из-за нежелания жить в нацистском государстве.

Отметим, ранее 15 октября лидер организации украинских националистов «Правый сектор» (организация, деятельность которой запрещена в РФ) Дмитрий Ярош заявил, что по его самочинному решению два батальона Украинской добровольческой армии были отозваны с передовой на линии противостояния в Донбассе для создания «территориальных отрядов обороны». Представитель оперативного командования ДНР в свою очередь тогда отметил, что такое действие Яроша может быть подготовкой к ряду провокаций внутри Украины, которые будут связаны с предвыборной гонкой.

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