Ukraine: Air-Headed US Volunteer States On Camera “Neo-Nazis Lied To Us!” (17.3.2022)

Air-headed US Volunteer States “Neo-Nazis Lied To Us!”

This Video is being shared all around the Russian-language internet! However, I am told that the Western Authorities are trying their utmost to suppress its sharing as it actually records Ukrainian Neo-Nazis committing ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Western eye-witnesses who were ‘victims’ of these crimes! This type of video is gold dust for any UN Investigation into the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime in West Ukraine – and why it is that the US, UK and EU have actively ‘supported’ the criminality of this regime!

‼️🇺🇸🇺🇦К иностранным наёмникам на Украине относятся как к мясу

Родственница одного из поехавших на Украину наемников, жалуется на отношение к ним украинцев: когда он и его подельники в ужасе пытались бежать в Польшу после мощного удара армии России по их базе, на границе их силой пытались вернуть на фронт «против их воли».

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