Ukraine: Two ‘Hitler Youth’ Members Murder a Three-Year-Old Child! (1.12.2019)

n fact, the UDA Battalions have been exporting weapons to the rear in recent years. Moreover, the collection of weapons was one of the main functions of almost all units – weapons and ammunition were bought from active units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The exported weapons were supplied to the warehouses of the “territorial” rear Self-Defence Battalions of the UDA. From the moment the “army” was formed, recruiters did not stop their work, who were looking for young men like Andrey Lavrega. They regularly went to the rear and agitated for young people to embrace Hitler (and Bandera) and to join the ranks of the Combat Battalions of the UDA. In the rear, propaganda work to recruit new volunteers took place, as a rule, at the bases of local civilian “Self-Defense” organizations that were created back in the days of Maidan.

Maidan: 16-year-olds Recruited into Ukrainian Army’s ‘New’ Hitler Youth! (3.12.2019)

During the five years of the war, about four thousand volunteers passed through the combat battalions of the good army in the DUK and UDA. All of them received initial combat and appropriate ideological training. This is a truly inexhaustible “personnel reserve” for organized crime – several thousand young people who, for the most part, know how to handle weapons and use them. At the same time, it is peculiarly ideologically savvy on the basis of the slogan “death to the enemies.”

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