Ukraine: Neo-Nazi News Round-Up – Issue 2! (16.3.2022)

The above linked article is from 2014 and involves a rampant ‘Aidar’ Neo-Nazi Battalion being fully armed by the US, UK and EU – and unleashed upon the people of Odessa, Lugansk and Donetsk (Donbass)! The men of this Battalion are from all over the world and have been empowered by the Obama Administration in the US to ‘attack’ and ‘kill’ all those Ukrainians to the East of that country who perceive themselves to be ethnically and culturally ‘Russian’! Furthermore, whereas the West is openly backing the ‘Neo-Nazi’ movement in West Ukraine – the Russians are equally (openly) backing the ‘Socialist’ Republics of Odessa, Lugansk and Donetsk (the ‘People’s Republics’).

The men of the Aidar Neo-Nazi Battalion are complaining that between their usual rounds of raping, maiming and killing – their units are suffering ‘casualties’ through the odd group of civilians coming together in mutual self-defence! President Obama himself condemned this needless killing of what he described as ‘freedom fighters’ by the ‘thugs’ of Putin who have infiltrated the Donbass area. Whilst Obama (a ‘Black man’) was constructing the nightmare that is contemporary Ukraine, the bodies of the murdered men, women and children of Donbass lay rotting and unburied in the grasslands of Donbass…

With America’s assistance, the Aidar Neo-Nazi Battalion committed uncountable atrocities against the civilian population of Donbass – but these people refused to give-up and with Russia’s help became stronger day by day with the help of Mother Russia! Although the People’s Republic of Odessa was over-run (and its people brutally destroyed by the Neo-Nazis) – Lugansk and Donetsk became strong and resistant to the Neo-Nazi invader! The picture above was forwarded to me by a Russian Comrade fighting in a Special Anti-Fascist Unit of the Russian Army. I am told that this picture is recent and shows one ‘Alex Biryukov’ a member of the Aidar Battalion who has been famous over the last eight-years ‘posing’ for photographs with various pieces of Nazi German paraphernalia!

When the People’s Militias of Lugansk and Donetsk spear-headed the Russian Army’s ‘Special Operation’ to de-Nazify the Ukraine – Alex Biryukov gathered-up his weaponry and put-on his uniform before heading toward the sound of the firing! A few days later a Russian soldier passing through Donbass was checking the bodies scattered about to see if any were still alive and needed medical care – when he found the body of Alex Biryukov lying face-down and probably two or three-days since his death. This is a waste of a young life – a youth who was misled by the ideology of Adolf Hitler! Alex Biryukov paid the price of this folly with his life!

Russian Language Article:

В батальоне Айдар заявили об 11 бойцах, убитых во время перемирия

Командир батальона, которого в соцсетях объявили погибшим, сегодня выходил на связь, заявил замкомбата.

6 сентября 2014, 15:41

Добровольческий батальон Айдар потерял 11 человек второй роты, которая в ночь на субботу, 6 сентября, попала в засаду. Об этом заявил помощник командира батальона Роман Романович.

Он также опроверг информацию о гибели командира батальона Сергея Мельничука.

“Действительно, вторая рота батальона попала в засаду уже после объявления перемирия. По предварительным данным, 11 человек убиты. Информации о гибели Мельничука у нас нет. Он буквально пару часов назад (в районе полудня – ред.) выходил на связь”, – сообщил по телефону Романович.

Читай также:Бойцы Айдара жалуются, что их разоружили украинские силовики

Он отметил, что после объявления о двустороннем прекращении огня Айдар неоднократно сталкивался с нарушением перемирия со стороны противника.

Один из бойцов второй роты сказал Hromadske TV, что известно о 9 погибших, одном раненом, в тяжелом состоянии. Среди них исполняющий обязанности ротного второй роты, позывной Гризли. По предварительной информации, рота попала в засаду между 17.00 и 19.00.

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