The Only Ukrainians Leaving the Ukraine are Neo-Nazi War Criminals! (16.3.2022) 

Maidan Neo-Nazism – Coming to a Street Near You Soon!

The Western media does not link you – the consumer of its news – with a physical reality outside of yourself. If it ever did that, it stopped doing it a long time ago! No. The Western media does not link you to a physical reality outside yourself – but links you with an ‘idea’ about a physical reality outside yourself. This trickery allows the media to avoid having to be truthful about the realities it conveys, so that what it says does not have to be a factual expression of the realities it is claiming to represent. At the moment, the bourgeois governments of the world are conspiring to use their respective media apparatus to present an image of the ‘Ukraine’ that only exists in your head and nowhere else. The (false) impression is that Russia is using a giant bulldozer that is slowly but surely traversing its way across Ukraine and ‘squashing’ anyone who will not ‘run’ to get out of its way! This (false) image wants you to give ‘money’ to solve this terrible situation by providing a ‘blanket’ to everyone who makes it to the safety of ‘Poland’! What a joke all this is!  

I am in in direct communication with hundreds of ordinary Ukrainians via the Telegram app and the vast majority of them are sat in the safety of their homes doing exactly what we are doing in the West – namely watching the ‘war’ on TV! The closest to a Russian tank that most Ukrainians have come is via the daily briefings carried-out on social media by the Russian Authorities in Moscow! We are all sharing the very small numbers of video-clips from the frontline – so quick has the Russian advance been – and so ineffective has the ‘Maidan’ defence been. This is the situation I am hearing from ordinary Ukrainians. They reject the US, UK and EU interference in their country and resent the fact that the West has forced a ‘Neo-Nazi’ clique of lunatics upon them simply because they are ‘anti-Russian’! They thoroughly oppose the ‘Maidan’ regime which took-over through violence and which has continuously disrupted life through its racist and violent behaviour. Ordinary Ukrainians want these Neo-Nazis gone and out of their country. When the ‘Neo-Nazis’ are gone – the Russians will leave as ‘friends’! 

Therefore, the only Ukrainians that will leave the Ukraine are those directly involved in the ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi regime and its persecution of the people of Donbass – who refused to give-in to their Neo-Nazi bullying and violence! The only ‘plus’ in this is that by indulging the stupidity of the West – the ordinary Ukrainians will get rid of all the Neo-Nazi lunatics in one fell-swoop at the expense of the West! The price we will pay in the West – facilitated by a media which continuously lies to us – is that we may well be forced to take-in these Neo-Nazi War Criminals from the Maidan so that they will be living next door to us with their children mixing with our children! Although many have died fighting in their Neo-Nazi Battalions – many other of these criminals have survived and are notorious for committing all kinds of crimes! As Russia is helping those Ukrainians who need supplies and support – there is nowhere for the millions currently be raised in the West by so-called charities to go other than in the pockets of those perpetuating the lies! Most Ukrainians are not in distress and do not expect any help from the West – most (if not all) certainly do not want to relocate to the West. Only those attempting to escape War Crimes Trials are desperately trying to get out of the Ukraine – a country they have attempted to systematically destroy over the last eight years! When I checked the criminal background of the 10,000 Ukrainian members of the SS Galicia Division from WWII – whom Churchill allowed to be secretly resettled in Scotland – I discovered that many were wanted by the Soviet Authorities for ‘child rape’! These men, who pretended to be Polish refugees, were allowed to live amongst an unsuspecting Scottish population! This is the price we will pay yet again due to a dishonest and habitually lying media!  

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