Ukraine: Neo-Nazi News Round-Up – Issue 2! (16.3.2022)

When the People’s Militias of Lugansk and Donetsk spear-headed the Russian Army’s ‘Special Operation’ to de-Nazify the Ukraine – Alex Biryukov gathered-up his weaponry and put-on his uniform before heading toward the sound of the firing! A few days later a Russian soldier passing through Donbass was checking the bodies scattered about to see if any were still alive and needed medical care – when he found the body of Alex Biryukov lying face-down and probably two or three-days since his death.

The Only Ukrainians Leaving the Ukraine are Neo-Nazi War Criminals! (16.3.2022) 

As Russia is helping those Ukrainians who need supplies and support – there is nowhere for the millions currently be raised in the West by so-called charities to go other than in the pockets of those perpetuating the lies! Most Ukrainians are not in distress and do not expect any help from the West – most (if not all) certainly do not want to relocate to the West. Only those attempting to escape War Crimes Trials are desperately trying to get out of the Ukraine – a country they have attempted to systematically destroy over the last eight years! When I checked the criminal background of the 10,000 Ukrainian members of the SS Galicia Division from WWII – whom Churchill allowed to be secretly resettled in Scotland – I discovered that many were wanted by the Soviet Authorities for ‘child rape’! These men, who pretended to be Polish refugees, were allowed to live amongst an unsuspecting Scottish population! This is the price we will pay yet again due to a dishonest and habitually lying media!  

Academy Watch: Ukraine Appeal Protest – Preventing Local Schools in the UK Breaking ‘Impartiality’ Laws! (16.3.2022)

Below is a letter of complaint that I have constructed using my knowledge of the law. Of course, as there is a great deal of nepotism and corruption surrounding these entities – they will attempt to wriggle-out of the trap I have sent. This does not matter. What matters is that a ‘dated’ and ‘signed’ complaint has been provided in writing – thus generating a ‘legal’ document that an ‘Academy’ cannot afford to ignore! Do not be bullied into conforming to immoral or illegal acts committed by official bodies – particularly when they are trying to committ these acts in your name or the name’s of your children!

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