Workers’ Institute: Explaing the UK Golden Visa Policy for Ukrainian Neo-Nazis! (15.3.2022)

The West Ukraine is Currently Governed by the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Regime – Although the Way Things Are Going – This Will Not Be for Much Longer! The People of East Ukraine (Donbass) Belong to Two ‘Socialist’ People’s Republics – But Have Been Subjected to a US, UK and EU Military Bombardment for the Last Eight Years – Suffering Around 14,000 Casualties!

Author’s Note: The Workers’ Institute in the UK is a fine example of Marxist-Leninism and Maoism at work! Its members – despite suffering the slingshots and arrows of British Establishment racism, prejudice and political persecution, (Comrade Bala still languishes in a British prison – the victim of the British State) – stand by their principles despite withering fire from the class enemies! I have been around long enough to know a genuine ‘Revolutionary’ organisation when I see one! Whereas most so-called ‘Leftist’ and ‘Communist’ groupings in the UK immediately (and ‘instinctively’) took the side of the Bourgeois State they are supposed to oppose (when it came to properly contextualising the Russian Special Operation Against Neo-Nazism in West Ukraine) – the steadfast Workers’ Institute has stood firm in the name of the International Working Class and kept the Red Flag of freedom flying high! ACW (15.3.2022)

Long Live the Workers’ Institute of UK!

Dear Comrades

Since 2014, UK Local Councils have been issuing Golden Visas to any ‘Maidan’ (Neo-Nazi) Ukrainian who want to settle, study or work in the UK. A very good friend of mine worked in Local Councils and then the Audit Commission around and after this time. The Golden Visa entitles any Ukrainian from the (Neo-Nazi) ‘Maidan’ regime (but NOT anyone from the ‘Socialist’ Donbass area of East Ukraine) a free house or flat, free and full NHS care, free education for themselves or their children. Free elderly care for their relatives. Free and full Welfare and Benefits pay-outs. Free and full Social Work access. Free employment advice and preferential treatment for available jobs. Free financial and banking advice and free access to loans and money transference. Council Staff were told that it is a sackable offence to divulge this EU and US initiative to the British media or to anyone outside their Department within the Council or outside the Council. The memo I was shown specified that these rights allotted to ‘Maidan’ Ukrainian citizens ONLY and entitled them to rights in the UK no longer available to the average British Citizen – a dishonest and unfair policy reflecting British society in its pre-1979 organisation. Furthermore, the memo explained, as (Neo-Nazi) ‘Maidan’ Ukrainians are privileged in this manner, invariably other British and EU Citizens who had been on waiting lists for years (particularly regarding housing) had to be ‘moved aside’ or otherwise ‘out of the way’ to facilitate this redistribution of already scarce resources! A note regarding dealing with any press or media enquiries advised either ‘no comment’ or a flat ‘denial’ – cynically deploying the argument that Ukrainians could not possibly be in the UK and qualify for such support as the Ukraine is not a member of the EU!

The Workers’ Must Defend Themselves Against Capitalism and Fascism!

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