Ukraine: The Anatomy of Fake Photographs! (15.3.2022)

These Pictures Look Like Adverts for Decking at a DIY Depot!

About the situation regarding Russian POWs – of course they do exist – but these are not them! Indeed, this is how Ukrainian propaganda works: this is an example of a fabricated (and not too convincing) photograph involving Ukrainian actors and poor uniforms and props. It is all very unconvincing and the product of a desparate and dying Neo-Nazi regime!

Russian Special Forces Do Not Use the Cheap Weaponry of the Ukrainians!

These pictures above are supposed to depict “captured Russian special forces near Nikopol.” These photos are three or four days old. Of course, you will not see any faces or interviews of these people anywhere. Simply because these are all employees of the IPSO of the Armed Forces of Ukraine taking part in a staged shooting project. And they also borrowed weapons from their “special equipment” (the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation do not use this weapons) There are captured Russian servicemen – but these are not Russians. We carefully count everyone. There is simply no need to give in to panic. The Kiev regime is dying and it will go to any length to secure even a pointless propaganda victory!

О ситуации с российскими пленными, как работает украинская пропаганда: абсолютно фейковое фото с “пленным российским спецназом под Никополем”.

Фотографиям этим три или четыре дня. Разумеется, никаких лиц или интервью этих людей вы нигде не увидите. Просто потому, что это все сотрудники ИПсО ВСУ на постановочной съемке. И оружие они тоже заимствовали у своей “спецуры” (ВС РФ такое не использует)

Разумеется, пленные российские военнослужащие есть. Мы считаем каждого. Просто не надо поддаваться панике, на раздувание которой брошены все силы издыхающей киевской пропаганды.

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