Kyiv: The Great Russian Airborne Troops Capture Foreign Weapons Used by the ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi Regime! (15.3.2022)

The Brave Soldiers of the Distinguished Russian Airborne Division!

Fighters of the Russian Airborne Forces seized Western missile systems in the battles near Kiev. Although the US, UK and EU (which includes a modern ‘Germany’) has lavishly invested in the ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi regime, the troops of this Junta, when confronted with an armed opposition, has continuously failed miserably on the battlefield! The type of person attracted to its Hitlerite ideology appears to be intellectually deficient and ‘unable’ to fire a simple (idiot-proof) weapons system!

As Far As I Am Concerned – This is STILL the Soviet Red Army!

As matters stand, a copious amount of rocket systems and grenade launchers are now in the hands of the Russian military and will be immediately re-distributed and deployed for use against the Ukrainian ‘Neo-Nazi’ enemy and all those (foreigners) who dare to stand under the shadow of the Hitlerite Swastika! The footage above shows:

Soviet-Era Russian Airborne – Masters of Armed and Unarmed Martial Arts!

a) British NLAW ATGMs

b) American Javelin ATGMs,

c) German Faustpatron 3 grenade launchers

Russian Airborne ‘Fire’ the Captured ‘Foreign’ Weapons at ‘Foreigners’ in the Neo-Nazi Ranks!

It will be ironic indeed, if these weapons are deployed on the battlefield exactly where British, American and German ‘volunteers’ are fighting in the ranks of the Hitlerites! It will be sad for their families when their bodies are returned home – but imagine the shame of those families when in the future it is remembered that THEIR ancestors fought on the wrong side – that is on the side of darkness and tyranny only to be killed a a weapon system sent by their own governments to assist that evil!

The Russian Airborne Division is the Master of the Bayonet!

‼️🇷🇺Бойцы ВДВ России захватили в боях под Киевом западные ракетные комплексы

Ракетные комплексы и гранатометы теперь в руках наших военных и будут применены против врагов.

На кадрах британские ПТРК NLAW, американские ПТРК Javelin, немецкие гранатометы Faustpatron 3.
/ТК Звезда/

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