BBC: Pictures of Hitler Found on Ukrainian Refugees! (15.3.2022)

A Favourite Picture of the ‘Fuhrer’ Found on Ukrainians!

A BBC Panorama Special covering the perceived refugee crisis developing on the borders of West Ukraine has been ‘shelved’ according to a recent Daily Mail investigative article! Polish Border Guards have been surprised to find a trickle of Ukrainians arriving with photographs of Adolf Hitler at his peak – that resemble those issued to all Polish soldiers and police officers when graduating from their respective camps and colleges!

A Ukrainian Refugee in London was Rushed to a Specialist in Harley Street – He ‘Fell Asleep’ in the Three-bedroomed House He was Given Free of Charge in Kent – Whilst Left-Wing Extremists Broke-In and ‘Tattooed’ the Insignia of the Far-Right on His Right Shoulder!

When questioned as to the origins of these pre-WWII photographs the story is always the same – they arrived in Red Cross parcels from the US – usually wrapped around tins of baked beans! Nicky Campbell – who once described the Falun Gong Cult as ‘middle-aged women practicing Taiji’ – was slated to host this documentary but has since been ‘removed’ from the project whilst being ‘unavailable’ for comment! The reasoning seems to be that merely by chance the same BBC staff that had worked on the eulogising Jimmy Savile Special – made within days of his death – with the BBC being concerned of yet another scandal breaking! When asked exactly what was meant by this, a BBC spokesperson stated that the BBC has a well-established and respected reputation of presenting one narrative – whilst almost simultaneously having that narrative shot out of the water by overwhelming evidence that none of what the BBC had said was true!

The BBC Explained Picture Like This as ‘Research’ for Historical Purposes!

Another problem, and perhaps the key issue in all this, is that the Russian Army is advancing under the Red Flag of the Soviet Union! As the Russian people possess a noble history of confronting fascism, the BBC knows that it is treading a thin-line by dedicating itself to the anti-intellectual line coming from the United States! This ‘inverted’ reality has portrayed the ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazis as ‘freedom fighters’ and the true ‘freedom fighters’ of the Russian Army as being the ‘Neo-Nazis’! Of course, the BBC has no problem propagating anti-Slavic racism as it has been doing this since 1917 in its anti-Socialist drive! Representing the best interests of the bourgeoisie, the BBC is separately attempting to establish an independent narrative that depicts the ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazis as genuinely ‘good’ people – but reality is not on the side of the BBC!

A Photograph Discovered in a Ukrainian Refugee’s Luggage – Featuring his Grandparents Who ‘Walked into’ an Odd Gathering of Catholics All Expressing Pro-Hitler Ideology!

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