🔞Zelensky’s Volkssturm is Destroying the Ukrainian People! (14.2.2022)

The Maidan Regime is Wasting the Lives of Ordinary Ukrainians!

The West is encouraging the Ukraine to keep fighting for no reason. ZELENSKY is ordering thousands of ordinary Ukrainian civilians with little or no military training or experience to pick up a weapon provided by the UK and ‘run’ at the Russian Special Forces thinking only of Hitler! This did not work in 1944 and it will not work now. Ordering old men to their deaths is no way to fight a modern war – or to treat your population! Why is the hypocritical West allowing this to happen? I suspect this is just one example of many of war for profit and it does not matter to the war-mongers who wins and who loses – just as long as resources are being used, lives are being lost and industry is being stimulated!

Neo-Nazism is a Disease!

The above footage is entitled ’14 Volkssturmists killed in Vasilkovo’ . Even the hardened Russian Army states ’18+’! The Russian Army announcements refer to these dead Ukrainians by the Nazi German term ‘Volkssturmists’ or ‘People’s Storm’ – named after Hitler’s last throw of the dice in late 1944! I assume they formed a local Neo-Nazi Militia that attempted to defend a gymnasium of some kind. This is the reality of war. The Russians are treating the enemy dead far better than many others would do given the same circumstances. Vasilkovo is a city situated in North-Central Ukraine, near Kyiv. The Russian Army appears to have used a three-pronged attacked with a Central-Front moving directly Westward into the Ukraine (through the Donbass) territory, and then a Southern-Front moving ‘up’ into South-Central Ukraine, and a Northern-Front moving ‘down’ into North-Central Ukraine. The initial plan appears to include the ‘Liberation’ of the entire Eastern half of the Ukraine (including the capital of Kyiv) – and then probably to push Western with all three-fronts united as one as the Russian Army has to deal with what is left of the fanatical Ukrainian Armed Forces! Obviously, in Vasilkovo the only troops the Maidan had to spare for the task were old volunteers! If this carries-on – then Zelensky (and his Neo-Nazis) will be responsible for yet another War Crime! If he is captured by the Russians – he may well stand trial for the crimes of the Maidan regime committed between 2014-2022!

A Terrible Way To Die – and Completely Pointless!

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