Ukraine: Retreating Neo-Nazis Fire ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’ at Centre of Donetsk! (14.3.2022)

Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Fire Weapon of Mass Destruction on Donetsk City!
Remains of the Tochka-U

The Head of the DPR – Denis Pushilin – said the Tochka-U that was shot down near the centre of Donetsk – and that the death toll might have higher if the air-defence had not intervened! At least twenty people have been reported as ‘dead’ – with another nine seriously ‘wounded’ in this terrorist attack (these are initial reports as eye-witnesses suggest a much higher death toll))! It would seem that the missile – an ‘illegal’ Tochka-U which is a banned ‘cluster munitions’ type – was on course for the heavily populated centre of Donetsk city when it was intercepted – perhaps too late – by the air-defences. The missile was shot down near Universitetskaya Street and Shevchenko Boulevard. As this is a developing story, news is still coming in from the disaster area. Eye-witnesses state that they counted around 200 bodies lying on the ground around the impact area. Of course, the Western media will not cover these dreadful events and so it is up to ‘People’s Journalists’ to convey this data as it becomes available! It was because of the build-up of Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Forces and Western-supplied armaments along the border between Donbass and Ukraine – that President Putin decided to ‘recognise’ the LPR and the DPR – and launch the self-defensive ‘Special Operation’ to de-Nazify and disarm the region!

The Western Media Will Not Report this Neo-Nazi Crime Against Humanity!

“The scattering debris brought terrible death and carnage! This attack has caused extensive material damage and has brought death to a large part of the Donetsk civilian population. If it had flown to its destination and worked as it was intended to have done – then there would have been nothing left alive at all.” ‼️ Cluster munitions are banned by UN convention‼️

Head of the DPR – Denis Pushilin – Explains to a Shocked Population!

The blow was intentional The recently emerged group – the “Union of Mothers of Donbass” – a formation similar to “soldiers’ mothers”, yesterday called on the women of Donetsk to go to the government building for a rally. It was supposed to take place at 12:00. Around the same time, the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Forces attacked the city centre with Tochka-U to coincide with the meeting.

Journalist Yuriy Tkachev Encounters the Carnage!

“Fuck, a bunch of 200s… the kids [are lying down].” Journalist Yuriy Tkachev publishes a video from Donetsk, where a Ukrainian Tochka-U missile was shot down in the city centre. The footage shows the bodies of far more people. According to the public “Donbass decides”, at least two people died. In reality, at least twenty people were killed and 9 injured due to the attack of Ukrainian troops on Donetsk using Tochka-U missiles – DPR headquarters

The Moment of Impact!

Удар по Донецку 14.03.2022

В результате удара “Точкой-У” по центру Донецка было убито 20 человек (скорее всего больше), в том числе и дети. Также большое количество раненых. Ракета шла на центр Донецка, ПВО скорее всего сработала с опозданием и ракета была сбита фактически над центром города. В результате чего кассетный боеприпас покосил людей на улицах. В случае падения ракеты в центре города, жертв было бы еще больше.

Очевидно, что никаких серьезных военных объектов тут не было, просто террористический с целью убить гражданских. Которые Украина систематические совершала 8 лет на Донбассе. Чувствуя приближающееся поражение, украинские нацисты просто стремятся оставить после себя еще больше жертв и разрушений.

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