Lugansk: A Grateful Population Thanks Russia! (14.3.2022)

The People of Lugansk ‘Thank’ Russia!

A grateful population political activists in Lugansk gathers to hold a rally of in support of the Russian Army. As well as campaigning for the collecting of humanitarian aid for refugees from the DNR and LNR. Refugees have arrived in Donbass since Russia’s Special Operation to free the Ukrainian people from the Western-imposed ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi Junta! These people want nothing from the West and are sick and tired of the Western-racism and far-right indoctrination they have been made to endure since 2014! Do not give your money to these ‘fake’ Ukrainian charities in the West – and they are just keeping your money for their own enrichment! Russia is supplying everything the Ukrainians need – but help is required in any form!

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