🔞The Glorious Fallen – Neo-Nazi Forces of Ukraine Defeated – City of Volnovakha ‘Liberated’… (12.3.2022)

Destroyed Ukrainian Tank – In Front of Building Marked by a Nazi German ‘Trident’!

🔞 The video-footage (below) records the aftermath of the Battle for the West Donetsk City of ‘Volnovakha’ fought between the Russian Army (and allied DPR and LPR People’s Militias and associated Ukrainian People’s Volunteers) and the Army of (Maidan) Ukraine and the men of its ‘Volunteer’ Neo-Nazi ‘Aidar’ and ‘Azov’ Battalions (the latter of which recruits from all over the ‘White’ world) – fought between February 25th, 2022 – March 12th, 2022.

Footage of the ‘Dead’ Neo-Nazi Defenders of Volnovakha!

This creepy footage depicts the dead bodies of the Armed Forces of Ukraine lying alongside their abandoned equipment in Volnovakha – a City in the Western region of the DPR – which was liberated from the brutal occupation of the Western-backed (Neo-Nazi) Kiev Invaders. Although all the weapons and ammunition has been ‘removed’ from the battlefield – the area is strewn with unburied bodies and broken military vehicles. The area was bombed with rockets and artillery by the Russian Army (the Neo-Nazis had placed their defensive positions between houses and in shops and hospitals), which was followed-up by mass-infantry assault.

The Russian Army Raises the Red Flag Over the ‘Liberated’ City of Volnovakha!

Once the area was ‘pacified’ of all obvious military opposition – Russian Special Forces patrol the area and ensure that the appropriate care is delivered to the population – although those civilians that can leave have already left the area. Quite often, Neo-Nazi ‘Insurgence’ inhabit the ruins and ‘sniper’ the Russian Forces. These are swiftly dealt with. I am told that the Russian Army has engaged in hand-to-hand and vicious bayonet fighting. The men who died here, really believed in the Hitlerite ideology they adhered to – and which their US, UK and EU allies encouraged and supported! Whilst the Western media falsely reports on and misrepresents Russia’s role in ‘de-nazifying’ Ukraine – not one Western journalist mentions the Nazi German symbolism spread all over West Ukraine!

Where is the integrity of the Western media? Where is the investigative journalism? Why is the media of the US, UK and EU all broadcasting EXACTLY the same bleating (and ‘inverted’) narrative? Why is no one breaking ranks and standing-up to this government-imposed attempt to manipulate the news by literally ‘changing’ how reality exists – because that reality is inconvenient? How does the US, UK and EU justify eight-years of supporting a Neo-Nazi regime in West Ukraine for neo-imperialist purposes? It can no more justify this position than it can the support of Zionist Israel since 1948! The government-controlled media of the West is lying to you and attempting to control how you think! In the West there is only one narrative – whilst in Russia, China, Cuba and North Korea – both sides of the story are being readily displayed and discussed! Freedom of thought does not exist in the West – or you would be told that the Ukrainian men (and their ‘foreign’ colleagues) in the Neo-Nazi military formations (whose dead bodies you can see littered all over the ground) that ‘defended’ Volnovakha – all believed that that they were the ‘spiritual’ and ‘physical’ descendants of the original (Catholic) Ukrainians who ‘volunteered’ to fight for the Nazi German occupiers of the USSR during WWII! This is why they fought so hard with the Western weapons they held! And just like in WWII – their belief in Hitler’s ideology did not help them prevail over Russian doggedness and determination!

The Neo-Nazi Descendants of These Nazi ‘Catholic’ Ukrainians Died in Volnovakha during 2022!
Russian Tank Engages the Neo-Nazi Enemy in Volnovakha!

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