Lugansk: Neo-Nazi “Aidar” Battalion Criminality Destroys Lenin Statue! (1.5.2007)

The lunatics of the Neo-Nazi “Aidar” Battalion (really a home for the mentally ill, desperate, lost and intellectually challenged), attacked the village of Nizhneteploye in the Lugansk region! These idiots targeted a Soviet statue of Lenin – which they managed to ‘topple’ after a group effort!

A Beautiful Statue of Lenin!

This was announced by one of the fighters of the Battalion, Maxim Osadchuk (Максим Осадчук) – who managed to post a photograph online. Other equally degenerate Neo-Nazi scum referred to this pointless act of vandalism as being ‘worthy of a great warrior!’

It Still Took Three Neo-Nazis and a Jeep to Shift This Statue!

When the “Aidar” Neo-Nazis finally saw action against fully trained and properly motivated Russian Army soldiers in 2022 – they pissed themselves and ran away! So much for Hitler’s master-race! Perhaps toppling small statues was the height of their operational powers – which has now been immortalised on this blog!

The German ‘Nazi’ Trident is Evident Upon the “Aidar” Flag! This Flag was Used to Wipe Away Their Tears After Their Utter Failure as a Military Unit in 2022!

Russian Language Article:

Первомайская победа “Айдара”.
Оригинал взят у varjag_2007 в Первомайская победа “Айдара”.
Бойцы “Айдара” отметили Первомай победой на головой Ленина в селе Нижнетеплое Луганской области.
Об этом сообщил один из бойцов батальона, Максим Осадчук опубликовав фото.

Героям Слава! Поступок достойный настоящих воинов!

[Остальные доказательства победы над гловой под катом]

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