Liberating Mariupol from the Western-backed Neo-Nazis is a Bloody But Necessary Process! (13.3.2022)

The Neo-Nazis Are Fighting Room for Room with Their Western Weapons!

The men and women of the Russian Army and LPR and DPR People’s Militias are giving their lives for the future well-being of humanity in the bloody frontline battle between civility and fascist destruction! We must look beyond the mental illness that is emanating from the US and infecting Europe! We must NOT give in to the brute force that is US anti-intellectualism! You know in your heart which path is correct!

Terrible city battles in Mariupol, the Nazis are hiding in apartments with grenade launchers and anti-tank systems Our fighters are slowly advancing, area by area, liberating the city, captured by neo-fascists 7 years ago.

‼️🇷🇺🇺🇦Жуткие городские бои в Мариуполе, нацисты прячутся в квартирах с гранатометами и ПТРК
Наши бойцы медленно продвигаются, район за районом освобождая город, захваченный неофашистами 7 лет назад.

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