Iran Fires Missiles on US Occupying Forces in Iraq! (13.3.2022)

Iranian Missiles Fly in Retaliation for US Support of Neo-Nazism in Ukraine!

Iran’s missiles are on their way and find their target in Erbil, Iraq! Iran is now prepared to defend itself against an Israeli counter-strike ordered by the US!

‼️⚡️At least 14 rockets were fired at the location of the US Consulate General in the city of Erbil, the Kurdish Rudau TV channel reported. Rockets fell in the vicinity of the Consulate General building and the village of Mele Omer. After the shelling, the channel reports, the aircraft of the international coalition led by the United States made control overflights of the territory. The Kurds have continuously aided with the imperialists and have been a great disappointment to progressive humanity!

Iranian Missiles Hit Home!

Iranian media clarified that this is only the second time in history that Iran has fired ballistic missiles directly at US troops from its territory. “The only other time it happened was on January 7th, in retaliation for the US assassination of General Qasem Soleimani three days earlier. This marks a significant escalation.”

Iraqi Video of Iranian Missile Strikes!

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