Freed Residents of Kherson Honour the Memory of Soviet Liberators From Fascism! (13.3.2022)

Liberated Kherson Residents Celebrate Their Freedom!

🔥🔥🔥 “Today the eternal flame does not burn, but soon it will burn!”.

Residents of Kherson came out to honoru the memory of the soldiers-liberators who saved the city from fascism 78 years ago!

🔥Kherson, An Anti-Fascist Rally Led by the Ex-Mayor of Kherson

“We are beginning to get the opportunity to believe that historical justice will prevail! Many of you were forced to forget this story. History was twisted. Our children were taught to lie,”

Explained one of the residents of Kherson. The battles for the city were fierce. For courage and heroism shown during the liberation of the city, 15 Soviet Red Army soldiers were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, and more than a thousand fighters were awarded other high orders and medals!

🔥🔥🔥 “Сегодня вечный огонь не горит, но скоро он будет гореть!”. Жители Херсона вышли почтить память воинов-освободителей, которые 78 лет назад избавили город от фашизма

“Мы начинаем получать возможность верить в то, что историческая справедливость восторжествует. Вас многих заставляли забывать эту историю. История перекручивалась. Наших детей учили врать”, — заявил один из жителей Херсона.

Бoи за город были oжecтoчeнными. Зa мужecтвo и гepoизм, пpoявлeнныe пpи ocвoбoждeнии гopoдa, 15 вoинaм пpиcвoeнo звaниe Гepoя Coвeтcкoгo Coюзa, a бoлee тыcячи бoйцoв были нaгpaждeны opдeнaми и мeдaлями.


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