Putin News: Sanctions Set to Return USSR! 

Josef Goebbels State visit to Warsaw (Front-row-Second from Left) German Ambassador to Poland – Hans-Adolf von Moltke (Front-row-Far-Left) & Polish Professor Zielinski (Front-row-Far-Right)

Whilst on a lightning visit to Belarus, the Russian leader – Vladimir Putin – announced that the “US, UK and EU have very badly misread the situation in Russia, and have seriously misinterpreted the reality. The West, once again, has misunderstood the mood of the Russian people and miscalculated the will-power and determined mentality of the Slavic ethnicity! This is not 1939, and the Neo-Nazi Kyiv regime is not the Fascist Poland that the UK once came to the aid of – although, of course – the similarities between the two regimes are startling!” He is referring to the ‘fascist’ regime that administered Poland from 1930-1939, and which was a firm ally of Hitler. This Polish ‘fascist’ regime granted Hitler’s famous propaganda Minister – Josef Goebbels – a State Visit during June, 1934 and then within a month (July 12th 1934), the Poles had constructed (ironically, upon the site of an on old Russian Army Barracks) and opened the world’s first ‘Concentration Camp’ situated in Bereza (in East Poland). The purpose of this camp was to ‘process’ and ‘eradicate’ all ethnic Russian people living in East Poland. (East Poland had been ‘Russian’ up until a right-wing Polish Army seized the area in 1920). The Polish people were only rescued from this Polish ‘fascism’ in 1939 – with the arrival of the Soviet Red Army!

Ethnic Russians ‘Cheer’ the ‘Liberating Red Army Cavalry as it Enters East Poland! (17.9.1939)

Putin continued “The British of the time were fed all kinds of false propaganda about the Poles by their government to whip-up public support for a war! The Poles were depicted as being ‘very English’ – with gardens fetes, warm beer and cricket on the village green! Like the Kyiv Neo-Nazis – the reality is very different! In 1938, ‘Fascist’ Polish troops invaded Czechoslovakia alongside the troops of their Nazi German allies – and in the much-criticised British RAF Bombing Raid on the German city of Dresden in early 1945 – was actually carried-out by Polish pilots seconded to the RAF!” In other words, the UK came to the aid of a ‘fascist’ country (Poland) which was betrayed by its ‘fascist’ ally – Nazi Germany! We await a narrative history exposing the persecution and terror the ethnic Russians had to endure under the Polish tyranny between 1920-1939! A point to consider – if ‘East Poland’ was truly ‘Polish’ as the Nationalistic (fascist) Poles assert – then why did the British NOT ‘declare war’ upon the Soviet Union in 1939 at the same time they ‘declared war’ upon Nazi Germans in 1939? Why the difference in policy – as according to the ‘fascist’ Poles – their country was ‘invaded’ equally by both regimes! Could it be that the British knew full-well that what was supposedly ‘East Poland’ was in reality ‘West Russia’?

Lieutenant of a Soviet Tank Unit Greets Vilno inhabitants During October 1939! Lithuania Had Been Brutally Annexed by Poland between 1920-1939 – and the People Were Now Free!

With this kind of ‘morality’ how can we trust a Western Bloc that only wants to exploit the minds and bodies of our youth and steal all of Russia’s resources? Putin concluded “Given that these unjust sanctions are designed to cause the maximum ‘hardship’ upon the population of a ‘capitalist’ country – should the people of Russia decide that they wish to formulate a ‘new’ Soviet Union – neither I nor my political party will stand in their way! We will assist in re-establishing the once ‘banned’ Communist Party of the Soviet Union – and the Russian ‘Red Army’ will be deployed in all those capitals whose ‘capitalist’ orientated governments require just a little bit extra incentive to toe the line!” Putin later confirmed that once the Communist Party of the Soviet Union has been re-established – all the ‘branches’ of the so-called ‘Communist Party’ that have been assisting in the Trotskyite ‘destruction’ of Russia will be held to account for their ‘class treachery’!

On February 23, 2022, Communists, Komsomol members and Supporters of the Communist Party (Branch) in Dubna Celebrated the ‘Day of the Soviet Army and Navy’ by Laying Flowers at the Memorial Rotunda Dedicated to the Red Army Soldiers who Died in Afghanistan (1979-1089 Fighting Western Imperialism and Islamo-Fascism.

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