Ukraine: New African-Led ‘International Brigade’ Joins the Russian People in the Fight Against Western-backed Neo-Nazism! (12.3.2022)

“African men and women understand WHY Nazism in all its forms has to be attacked and destroyed! NATO is now the enemy because White people support Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine! Russians are ASIANS and are our brothers and sisters! Today, and at this time in history – we – the Black World must stand-up and not allow the Russians to fight and die on our behalf! We must shed our blood and pay the price to be free! Long Live Lenin! Long Live Stalin! The West hates these men because they are BLACK!”

Putin News: Sanctions Set to Return USSR! 

He is referring to the ‘fascist’ regime that administered Poland from 1930-1939, and which was a firm ally of Hitler. This Polish ‘fascist’ regime granted Hitler’s famous propaganda Minister – Josef Goebbels – a State Visit during June, 1934 and then within a month (July 12th 1934), the Poles had constructed (ironically, upon the site of an on old Russian Army Barracks) and opened the world’s first ‘Concentration Camp’ situated in Bereza (in East Poland). The purpose of this camp was to ‘process’ and ‘eradicate’ all ethnic Russian people living in East Poland. (East Poland had been ‘Russian’ up until a right-wing Polish Army seized the area in 1920). The Polish people were only rescued from this Polish ‘fascism’ in 1939 – with the arrival of the Soviet Red Army!