Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Speaks ‘German’ To a Military Vehicle! (11.3.2022)

An ‘Empty’ Russian Armoured Personnel Career Receives a Visit!

I received this video-clip via one of the Telegram Channels that keeps me updated on frontline activity in West Ukraine! From what I gather, the casualties have been so high and the defeats so terrible amongst the Western-armed armed Neo-Nazis that the surviving Ukrainians – depressed that their Western allies have abandoned them (after talking a good fight) – have been turning to alcohol and drugs to make the pain go away! I am told (but cannot prove) that the Ukrainian attempting to speak German in this video is ‘high’ on drugs! Whatever the case, this ‘brave’ attack carried-out by a member of the usually feared Azov Battalion (sometimes ‘Regiment’) has been aimed at an ‘old’ and ‘abandoned’ Russian Army vehicle!

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