Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Capture and Torture MMA Fighter – Maxim Ryndovsky (Максима Рындовского) – for ‘Training with Russians’! (6.3.2022)

In the first video (featured above) he is bleeding, in the second he has his hands tied behind his back. The US, UK and EU are ‘blocking’ news of this incidence of Ukrainian Neo-Nazi brutality – and many others!

“Ukrainian Nazis torture a Ukrainian MMA fighter Maxim Ryndovsky, who trained in the Chechen club ‘Akhmat’. He was captured in Kyiv and tortured for training with the Russians,” the caption reads.

UPDATE: Threats against other Ukrainian fighters are already coming online, including Pavel Ishchenko, an Olympic boxer and European champion with the Ukrainian national team. In 2014, Ishchenko came under fire for urging fans not to mix politics and sports.

Russian Language Article:

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