The Funny Side of Ukrainian Fascism… Results of the ‘Caption’ Competition Are In! – Win a Fortnight in a Kyiv Bunker – A ‘Free’ Steel Helmet Provided! (9.3.2022)

‘We Must Not Jump to Conclusions…’ Joe Biden
Dad’s Army Ukraine style! It just so happens their Dads were Nazis!
At last – Ukrainian Nationalists from WWII are getting the respect they deserve – a new report from Age Concern confirms!
I chose Neo-Nazism because it tolerates my ‘gayness’ – PinkNews reports!
Confused Ukrainian Orthodox Priest Thinks He’s a Catholic!
Ukrainians ‘absent-mindedly’ dress as Nazi Germans – the BBC claims…
Left-wing extremists ‘doctoring’ images – BBC claims!
Guardian reiterates – NO Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine!
Daily Mail – ‘No Zionists Supporting Ukrainian Neo-Nazism!’

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