Russian Tanks Move Through Kyiv Unopposed! (6.3.2022)

Russian Military Firmly in ‘Control’ of Kyiv!

Contrary to the foolish BBC and Guardian propaganda that the ‘Ukrainians are fighting to the death’ – in fact, most right-minded Ukrainians (living to the West of that country) are fully supporting what they see as the ‘Liberation’ of their part of the country from the odious Western-backed ‘Maidan’ regime – and its incessant ‘Neo-Nazi’ propaganda aimed against Russia and manifested purely in the service of US, UK and EU nefarious intentions aimed throughout the region! This is not ‘Russia Vs the Ukraine’ (as the Western media is falsely projecting) – but rather ‘Russia and the Ukraine’ on one-side fighting the ‘foreign’ originating Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime on the other! Indeed, whilst most Ukrainians ‘morally’ support the actions of their Russian neighbours – most are holed-up in the safety of their homes – wrapped snuggly in their beds – just waiting for all this ‘unusual’ activity to ‘blow-over’!

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  1. The unthinkable has happened…the West has gone full NATO Nazi lover. I’m 69. I was named after my Dad’s brother who was killed in Italy WW2. My town was blitzed by the Luftwaffe…Clydebank. Once you could be shot and hung for treason for this shit. Now it’s all this “peace, love, freedom, democracy and human rights” lunacy. “Freedom of speech.” Make my day. I’m a war winner. I’ll take the lot of them out single handed. Whatever it takes. Nazi scum!

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