Neo-Nazi Poland: Koszalin Thugs Destroy Soviet War Memorial in Support of ‘Maidan’ Ukraine! (9.3.3022)

Hundreds of Thousands of Poles Were Murdered by the Nazi Germans – and ‘Liberated’ by the Soviet Red Army!

As a consequences of an act of vandalism in Koszalin – a Monument Commemorating the ‘sacrifice’ of the men and women of the Soviet Red Army – was destroyed by Neo-Nazi thugs acting in support of the US-backed Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ junta currently occupying West Ukraine. The Monument is a figure of a Soviet Red Army Soldier protecting a Polish girl and holding a dove peace in his hands. The Soviet Union lost around 41 million men, women and children in the war against Nazi Germany (1941-1945) – with 19.5 million casualties relating directly to Soviet Red Army losses (and 21.5 million casualties to civilian casualties).

This disrespectful and destructive act tool place in the north-west of Poland. Unknown vandals destroyed the Memorial dedicated to the Soviet Red Army – which liberated the Polish Republic from Nazi German oppression. The incident took place on March 8th, 2022, at the municipal cemetery of Koszalin.

Photographs suggest that the Monument was knocked down and deliberately ‘split’ – probably the use of heavy equipment. “The criminal or criminals probably entered the cemetery with an excavator through an unfenced area,” Koszalin police spokeswoman Monika Kosec told PAP. Oddly, despite the distinctive ‘size’ and ‘shape’, or the very loud ‘noise’ such a mechanical digger (or excavator) would make – and given the sheer logistical problems obtaining, hiding, driving and escaping with such a device – not one ‘caring’ citizen of Koszalin came forward to offer any information.

Russian Language Article:

В городе Кошалин, что на северо-западе Польши, неизвестные вандалы разрушили мемориал Красной армии, освобождавшей республику от немецко-фашистского гнёта.

Инцидент произошёл накануне на муниципальном кладбище Кошалина. На фотокадрах видно, что памятник повален и расколот, и сделать это без использования тяжёлой техники невозможно.

«Преступник или преступники, вероятно, проникли на кладбище с экскаватором через неогороженный участок», — сообщила PAP пресс-атташе полиции Кошалина Моника Косец.

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