IBM Ceases Operations in Russia! (7.3.2022)

IBM – which directly assisted the Nazi Germans commit the Holocaust from its New York Office (both before and during WWII) – suspended its commercial activity in Russia. We can only hope IBM will not assist the US government in processing Russians once again with IBM numbers etched on their arms! US-controlled social media, such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, etc are ‘blocking’ access to content held on their platforms pertaining to the Nazi history of IBM – as well as the copious amounts of videos, photographs and written testimony uploaded by Neo-Nazi Ukrainians – by presenting blank screens ‘falsely’ asserting the enquiring individual is ‘off-line’ when it is blatantly obvious their internet access is functioning perfectly well!

How the Above-Link YouTube Video Exposing IBM is Viewed in ‘Asia’!

All this dishonesty and misdirection by the Americans (in support of their corrupt system), just goes to show ‘how’ morally bankrupt that system has become, and indicates just how ‘normalised’ far-right rhetoric is to the American mind! I suspect the average Russian is relieved that IBM has ceased trading within Russian territory – as when IBM ‘traded’ with evil intent in and around Russian territory – IBM played more than a passing assistance to the Nazi Germans and their murder of upwards of 11 million in the Holocaust – and 41 million in the USSR! Swings and roundabouts – it might be ‘safer’ for the average Russian citizen with IBM’s attention is directed elsewhere during this crisis!

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