Neo-Nazi Poland: Koszalin Thugs Destroy Soviet War Memorial in Support of ‘Maidan’ Ukraine! (9.3.3022)

Oddly, despite the distinctive ‘size’ and ‘shape’, or the very loud ‘noise’ such a mechanical digger (or excavator) would make – and given the sheer logistical problems obtaining, hiding, driving and escaping with such a device – not one ‘caring’ citizen of Koszalin came forward to offer any information.

US Embassy: ‘Not All Protests in the Ukraine Are “Equal”!’ by Dmitry Rodionov [Дмитрий Родионов] (21.12.2019)

And if it’s so interesting who is still the more correct “Maidan” in this clash of “Maidan”, follow the reaction of the US Embassy – they know for sure who is right and who is not. And it’s not about who is protesting, but about what they are protesting for. Or against what. In the winter of 2013-14, they protested against Yanukovych’s mythical turn to the East – for “Western values”. And now, for some reason, they are protesting against “Western values” – against the “values” of turning Ukraine into a full-fledged colony, in which its few remaining inhabitants will be the servants of the property of the new Western masters – their former land.

Russian Tanks Move Through Kyiv Unopposed! (6.3.2022)

This is not ‘Russia Vs the Ukraine’ (as the Western media is falsely projecting) – but rather ‘Russia and the Ukraine’ on one-side fighting the ‘foreign’ originating Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime on the other! Indeed, whilst most Ukrainians ‘morally’ support the actions of their Russian neighbours – most are holed-up in the safety of their homes – wrapped snuggly in their beds – just waiting for all this ‘unusual’ activity to ‘blow-over’!

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