Ukrainian Nazis Disrupt a Communist Demonstration in Khreshchatyk (Kyiv) [7.11.2011]

Translator’s Note: The Verkhovna Rada first ‘banned’ the Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU) in 1991. The spectre of Communism roamed the country for only two years – before in 1993 – the Constitutional Court returned the status of a ‘political party’ to the KPU. In 2015, following Neo-Nazi agitation, the Kyiv District Administrative Court imposed a general ‘ban’ on all activities relating to the Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU). The Neo-Nazi Kyiv Court had to do this because Soviet-style Communism is still very popular in Ukraine amongst the ordinary people – despite the fascists illegally seizing power (in 2014) and being propped-up by the US, UK and EU. An out-pouring of sympathy for the Communist Cause swept the country (known locally as ‘Leninfall’ – or ‘ленинопада’) when the Neo-Nazis pulled-down the famous Lenin statue (and other Soviet Red Army Monuments Commemorating the Victory of Nazism and the ‘Liberation’ of the Ukraine) between 2013-2014 – an atrocity falsely presented by the Western media as a ‘popular act’! The name of the Ukrainian author is not given (other than ‘FLACKELF‘) but this is an interesting historical document that demonstrates just how popular Soviet Communism is in the Ukraine and how a vicious Neo-Nazi minority (supported by external forces) has illegally usurped political power and is now using oppression and violence to keep an unwilling population ‘under control’! This means that President Putin is absolutely correct in directing the Russian Army to ‘come to the aid’ of the Ukrainian population and ‘save’ these people from the scourge of Neo-Nazism! The Western media is being paid by its respective governments to perpetuate the myth that Russia is attacking the Ukraine – and that a ‘conflict’ is happening between Russia and the Ukraine! This is completely untrue! The situation is this; the Russians are fighting WITH the ordinary Ukrainian people to assist in freeing them from the false government of the ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazis forced upon them by the Obama Administration – and maintained with further political, economic and military support from the UK and the EU. Germany is fully supporting this Neo-Nazi offensive into Russian territory and is ‘hiding’ behind its EU membership. Indeed, Germany’s role in all this should be very carefully analysed to ascertain whether any criminal act is being perpetuated – considering its ‘bloody’ involvement in the recent history of Russia! ACW (8.3.2022)

A Ukrainian Comrade – the ‘Author’ of This Article!

As I predicted on Friday, the Ukrainian Nazis attacked the festive demonstration of the Communists on the day of November 7th (the 100th Anniversary of the Great October Russian Socialist Revolution). Moreover, these were the same persons who attacked the Orthodox Religious Procession and representatives of the Russian Bloc on November 4. By the way, the demonstration seemed to have been ‘banned’ by the Kyiv Courta, but the ban, as they say, was not “enforced” by the police and rightly so. Since when did the Ukrainian State start ‘banning’ Communists from marking traditional demonstrations? Why ‘ban’ the universally respected date of November 7th? Over the last 20 years, this has never happened once! It is like we are either living in a Fascist State – or slowing drifting into one!

Ukrainian Communists Advance Behind the Red Flag!

There were a lot of beautiful young faces and this is very pleasing. Not all Ukrainian youth have been brainwashed by the ever-increasing nationalist propaganda. After-all, the Zhytomyr region is always especially happy. Of all the central regions of the country, the nationalists have the worst electoral results in this area. At first, people crowded on the sidewalks. And then suddenly the command was given to go to Khreshchatyk and form a column. And here, in the area of ​​the Khreshchatyk Metro Station, eggs suddenly flew at us, and several Nazi thugs tried to snatch banners and flags from those in front. including the police, I also received a couple of pieces, but quickly wiped myself off. However, soon the formation was restored and the procession continued. The police blocked the Nazis and began to push them back. Some of them were detained, which also caused a brawl.

Communist Discipline Will Always Beat Nazi Ill-Discipline!

Nazi Miroshnichenko furiously yelled that VO Svoboda has come to execute a Court decision to ban the demonstration. Wow, the Neo-Nazis already have a parallel executive power! There was another skirmish on the Maidan, but I didn’t see it. It was not the capital’s glamorous and snickering bourgeois hypocrites – sick with nationalist ideology – that gathered on the Maidan, but representatives of the common people of Ukraine!

On This Day, the Police Protected the Rights of Communists!

Russian Language Article:

Украинские нацисты попытались сорвать демонстрацию коммунистов на Крещатике

20111107 14:18:00

Как я и предсказывал в пятницу ,украинские наци атаковали праздничную демонстрацию коммунистов в день 7 ноября.Причем это были те же самые лица,которые напали 4 ноября на православный Крестный ход и представителей Русского блока.
Вначале ничего не предвещало плохого.Представители КПУ ,коммунисты приехавшие из регионов и сочувствующие начали собираться у памятника Ленину на Бессарабке

Кстати демонстрацию как бы запретил суд,но на запрет как говорится “забили” и это правильно.
С каких это пор коммунистам стали не давать пройти традиционной демонстрацией на день 7 ноября?За все 20 лет такого никогда не было.

Было очень много прекрасных молодых лиц и это весьма радует. Все таки не всей украинской молодежи промыла мозги националистическая пропаганда.

Житомирская область всегда особо радует. Из всех центральных регионов страны,у националистов там худшие электоральные показатели.

Вначале народ толпился на тротуарах.А потом вдруг внезапно была дана команда выйти на Крещатик и строиться колонной.

И вот тут,в районе метро Крещатик вдруг в нас полетели яйца ,а несколько нацистских молодчиков попытались вырвать транспаранты и флаги у впереди идущих.Возникло замешательство Крики ,ругань ,проклятья,летящие яйца от которых было почти невозможно увернуться.Попадали они в том числе и по милиции,я тоже получил пару штук,но быстро вытерся.
Однако вскоре строй восстановился и шествие продолжилось.Милиция блокировала нацистов и стала их оттеснять.Некоторых из них задержали ,из за чего тоже возникла потасовка.

Нацист Мирошниченко неистово орет, что ВО Свобода пришла исполнить судебное решение о запрете манифестации.Надо же,у нас уже появилась параллельная исполнительная власть!

На Майдане была еще одна стычка,но я ее не видел.

На Майданесобралась не столичная гламурная и зажравшаяся тусовка,больная националистической идеологией ,а представители простого народа Украины

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