Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Vladimir Zelensky (Владимир Зеленский) Praises Stepan Bandera! (19.4.2019)

That is the problem with ‘objective’ research – it tends to uncover and throw-up all kinds of inconvenient facts that contradict and disprove the ‘preferred’ narrative of the bourgeoisie and its lackey media cohorts! For instance, Vladimir Zelensky is of ‘Jewish’ heritage (has have been a number of ‘key’ movers in the ‘Maidan’ movement), but to what extent he relates to the Jewish religion is not evident from his overtly ‘secular’ and ‘gentile’ lifestyle. Obviously, all right-minded Jewish people thoroughly ‘reject’ the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ movement because they know (probably more than anyone else) the historical lineage of this Hitlerite ideology! I was told by a Jewish Comrade, for instance, “There are no ‘ethnic’ Jews on Maidan Ukraine!” – and she is correct! Just as there are no disabled people and no LBGTQNB+ people and certainly no ‘trans’ people!

Zelensky Calls Upon Ukrainian Youth to Take to the Streets and ‘Burn’ Red Flags Commemorating the Victory of the Soviet Red Army Over German Nazism (1941-1945)!

This is an oddity to behold when a Neo-Nazi regime (headed by a ‘secular’ Jew) is supported outside of that regime (in the liberal West) by the groups of people that this Neo-Nazi regime has persecuted, expelled and wiped-out! Perhaps the connection lies with that other ‘secular’ Jewish family – the ‘Rothschild’ – which serves US capital by controlling the banking system of the world. Russia, of course, despite abandoning its Socialist path in 1991, nevertheless, refused to allow the establishing of a Rothschild-controlled central-bank in Moscow – and here we all are 31-years later here we all are with the US (and its Neo-Nazi allies) attempting to finish the job! Perhaps this explains why Zelensky stated in a 2019 interview «Он — герой для какого-то процента украинцев, и это нормально и классно» – ‘He is a hero for a certain percentage of Ukrainians, and this is normal and cool!’

Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Abuse an Ethnic Russian ‘Communist’!

This was during a time when he was advocating using a Russian city in the Ukraine and limiting all drug-taking and prostitution to within its boundaries – possibly a subordinated Donetsk or Lugansk once his ‘American allies’ had brought NATO into the Ukraine to finish the job Obama had started! This is the unsavoury nature of the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime! It is a tool of US neo-imperialism that has taken advantage of an opportunity the CIA has seen in West Ukraine – a historical rupture of identity left-over from a brief (but ‘popular’) Imperial German occupation in 1918, followed by a far more sustained and devastating ‘Nazi’ German occupation between 1941-1943. For some strange reason, these predominantly ‘Slavic’ people took it into their heads that they were not ‘Slavs’ but ‘Germans’! Perhaps, as many West Ukrainians are ‘Catholic’ – and that the Roman Catholic Church has pursued a more or less continuous dalliance with the far-right for decades – this might explain this bizarre attempt at racial transmigration!

Ethnic Ukrainians ‘Celebrate’ as They Assist the Neo-Nazis ‘Destroy’ Their Own History!

The fact that Hitler declared the ‘Slavic’ people to be an ‘inferior’ race is lost on them. On the other hand, Churchill did arrange for ten-thousand former Ukrainian members of the SS Galicia Division to be air-lifted to Scotland – where they were settled under the cover-story they were ‘Polish’ refugees! This was at the behest of the then Pope on the grounds that these men were ‘good Catholics’ who needed to be saved from the ‘Atheistic’ justice of a Soviet Court! The fact that these men had murder millions of people in the Ukraine, or that their crimes included the ‘torture’ and ‘rape’ of children – did not seem to bother the Pope or Churchill – but it definitely came as a surprise to the thousands of Scottish people who eventually learned that a number of those ‘nice and old Polish guys’ who lived in and around themselves (and their children), were in fact ‘Ukrainian paedophiles’!

West Ukraine TV Celebrates its Nazi Past and Its Neo-Nazi Present!


  1. I didn’t know that. There were lots of “Poles” round here in the Dunbartonshire area. In the 1970’s I worked in the ship breakers at Faslane…next door to where the Trident subs are now. There was a camp there and they also lived in Garelochhead, amongst others.

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