Russia Stands-Up to US-Backed Neo-Nazism and Its Facebook Lackies! (And How All This Fits-In With ‘Snake Island’) (5.3.2022)

The Situation is Very Simple – By ‘Blocking’ and ‘Limiting Access’ to Accounts and Services Purely Upon Ideological Grounds – Facebook is ‘Violating the ‘Human Rights’ of Its Users!

The Internet today, gives us direct access to TASS and Pravda – unlike the days of the US-inspired Cold War – but also unlike those days of Lenin and Stalin, Pravda and TASS now carry adverts! There is every indication, however, that the United States is testing highly experimental weaponry upon the bodies of Russian soldiers – and those Ukrainians (military and civilian) – who are trying to ‘defect’ or ‘surrender’ – to the advancing Russian Army. I am hearing more and more of this type of US-Neo-Nazi activity from Russian frontline sources. There are numerous regular Ukrainian military formations which have either defected en masse to Russia – or surrendered without a fight. However, the fanatic Ukrainian Neo-Nazi elements are controlled not by Kiev – but rather by Washington and they are acting on the instructions of their Whitehouse paymasters and suppliers of arms! This explains why the Neo-Nazi Units have stopped following Kiev’s military instructions and are now doing the direct dirty work of the Americans! Whenever the Ukrainian military or civilian population attempts to make a peaceful contact with the Russian Army – these US-controlled Neo-Nazi Units are deliberately ‘opening-fire’ as a means of deterring this resolution of the fighting! America appears to be controlling these Neo-Nazi Units directly by drone technology. It is like 1945 Berlin all over again, with SS Units pointlessly roaming the rubble of a rapidly crumbling regime seeking-out individuals to execute on-the-spot! This time, however, the Americans are supporting Hitler rather than opposing him! In the meantime, Barack Obama, the ex-President who lit this slow fuse is working on his ‘swing’ at a local golf club, listening to the results come in as he goes sedately about his day! It is the usual story of US neo-imperialism which sees Americans live comfortably whilst others die for that comfort and in their name – around the world! Of course, US-controlled social media platforms are private businesses that masquerade as public servants. In reality, these are servants of the US government that allows these entities to do what they like, where they like, when they like – providing they limit freedom of speech and channel all opinion in the direct of the official dogma of the Whitehouse or the US convention of the day. I have written elsewhere about how sovereign geo-political spaces outside the US – particularly the UK and EU – possess governments that allow these US-controlled social media platforms to continuously and regularly ‘violate’ the laws of these countries, and the rights of the citizens living within these countries (in other words, anywhere with a Rothschild-controlled central bank)! This is exactly ‘why’ US-controlled social media remains ‘banned’ in China and North Korea – but Russia, however, has become the first capitalist country outside the direct control of the US (or Rothschild banks) to break ranks and reject this unwritten policy of US neo-imperialism and trampling underfoot of guaranteed freedom of expression – and has ‘banned’ Facebook from operating within its borders, as well as a number of the worst ‘racist’ and ‘anti-Slavic’ radio broadcasters – exactly the same US broadcasters that are continuously spreading lies about China and North Korea! America can only violate the rights of those citizens that live in a country whose central bank is controlled by the Rothschild family. If America controls the flow of money moving through a country – then it controls the government and the policies of that country. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, amongst many others, routinely violate the laws of the countries they operate within whilst the respective governments sit passively by and watch it happen. As these governments do not want any disruption to the local economy (inflicted by US sanctions) it is the ‘rights’ of their citizens that they trade away! Russia is in a position to directly confront this corruption because a) it does not possess a Rothschild-controlled central back, and b) whatever entanglement modern Russia has had in the international capitalist system has been completely undermined by the knee-jerk US and European response involving widespread economic sanctions! Of course, in retaliation, the Western-controlled internet-providers – acting in the cause of ‘freedom of speech’ – are ‘blocking’ or ‘limiting’ access to TASS and Pravda, but in surreptitious ways that are easily ‘fixed’ and ‘deniable’ once the moment has passed. Now, one-step at a time. What we need now is the removal of the double-headed (Romanov) symbol from the (modern) Russian flag and its replacement with the hammer and sickle!

If anyone still thinks the British Guardian Newspaper is in anyway ‘left-wing’ (despite its staff being infiltrated a number of times by Soviet Intelligence) a quick glance at its anti-intellectual coverage of Russia’s Special Military Operation to clear its doorstep of US-backed Neo-Nazis should dispel that little delusion! The above story is being fabricated and distorted through the Western media – with the original Russian version (and its English translation) being ‘blocked’ by a poor internet connection! This will pass once the Authorities think the distorted version has been firmly embedded in the Western mind and is informing all future thought and action. This is what you get when trying to access the above Russian-language article:

I could Not Even ‘Screenshot’ This – But Had to Photograph with My ‘Phone!

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