Ukrainian Neo-Nazism Generates a Sense of ‘Togetherness’ and ‘Purpose’!

Ukrainian Neo-Nazis are currently facing a transportation problem as imposing Russian tanks are blocking most of the roads in and out of SS Cemeteries and appear to have ‘crush’ many statues depicting Adolf Hitler and various other Nazi key players during WWII! Furthermore, most of the Nazi German uniforms and accompanying memorabilia has been supplied by the US online market-place – ‘Amazon’ – with Russian military action in the region ‘blocking’ or ‘slowing-down’ postal deliveries! At the start of the campaign to ‘De-Nazify’ the Ukraine – many Neo-Nazis did put their money where their mouth is (or ‘was’) and headed straight out onto the battlefield to give Putin a bit of their mind! Unfortunately, and again almost ironically, for most this did mean being ‘exploded’ on the spot as they ran into the ‘De-Nazifying’ bullets that quite literally ‘tore’ their world apart! Unless they are now meeting in ‘Valhalla’ – their Neo-Nazi creed is not bringing them much ‘togetherness’ anymore!

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