Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Summer-Camp for School-Children! (2020)

Are you tired of your children running home after school and espousing all kinds of liberal crap about ‘tolerance’ and ‘multiculturalism’? You Are! Then why not send your child on a six-week course at the ‘Hitler SS Summer Camp’ where children will learn the differences between the races, the hierarchy of the races, and how to handle a gun to do something about the ‘mixing’ of the races encouraged by Communists, Jews, Gypsies and many other such deviant groups! Racial hygiene can only be enforced by the barrel of gun! (Due to unexpected Russian military incursions throughout West Ukraine – the ‘Hitler SS Summer Camp’ for 2022 might be postponed). The boy in this picture looks forward to heading to Donbass to ‘eradicate’ the racial vermin that has gathered in the region!

Russian Language Article:

Юные украинские неонацисты выступили в Раде и пообещали поддержать воюющих в Донбассе карателей

Члены украинской молодёжной организации «Пласт» на этой неделе повезут воюющим в Донбассе всушникам подарки и Вифлеемский огонь.

Об этом они заявили в ходе выступления в Верховной раде, передает корреспондент «ПолитНавигатора».

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