The British Media Will Rot in Hell for Telling the British Public to Venerate and Support Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine (2022)!

A ‘Crashed’ Neo-Nazi in Ukraine Calls for the Extermination of All Gays and Jews!
Alfred Gregory Wyles – British Army – WWII

Like millions of British people, I possess paternal and maternal grandparents who saw frontline action during WWII (1939-1945) fighting against Nazi German Fascism! Our ‘Chinese’ relatives fought to the death in the New Territories at the same time against Japanese Imperialism! Britain is – and should be – a nation of people who instinctively ‘resist’ all forms of fascism – despite our bourgeoise (and aristocracy) continuously flirting with it! We, as a nation, should be proud to build upon the foundation of the British working-class and its natural ‘instinct’ against fascism – remembering the bravery of the ordinary British people who volunteered to fight against German Nazism and Italian fascism in Spain whilst defending the democratically elected ‘Socialist’ government of the Republic!

Arthur James Gibson – Royal Navy Patrol Service – WWII

Of course, the hypocritical bourgeoisie allowed the fascist Franco to ‘keep’ the country he stole in 1939 and rule it with an iron fist well into the 1970s! After-all, Churchill told us – ‘Franco is a good capitalist’! Perhaps the US, UK and EU (the joint co-founders of the Neo-Nazi ‘Euro-Maidan’ regime in 2014), had this kind of plan for the Ukraine – with NATO tanks eventually ‘rolling’ unopposed into the sovereign territory of Russia – as if it were 1918 all over again (the last time the US, UK, Germany and other countries invaded Russia). We pay for the BBC through the obligatory license fee – and yet its reporting of local, national and world affairs has been skewed for a very long time! All those journalists today, who are far too young to have personally experienced WWII, but who would have been told the stories of sacrifice, horror and suffering the British went through – should be ashamed of themselves every time they ‘parade’ an otherwise non-descript group of Ukrainian (Neo-Nazi) War Criminals across our screens – telling us that we should ‘venerate’ them because they are ‘heroes’ and ‘victims’!

Many Modern Russian Army Units Are Going into Battle Carrying the Red Flag!

Once again, the brave Russian people are paying for our freedom with their blood! It is the Russians we should be respecting (and supporting) once again as a nation! Hurrah! May the Victorious Russian Army CRUSH all Ukrainian (Neo-Nazi) Resistance in its path! Hurrah!

Master Chan Tin Sang – People’s Militia (Hong Kong) – WWII

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