What the Russian Offensive in Ukraine is Really About (2022) 

Author’s Note: The anti-Slavic racism that exists in the West is quite extraordinary. Hitler considered the Slavs in Russia to be an ‘inferior’ race, whilst simultaneously permitting thousands of young Swedish men to join the Nazi German Army and form special ‘SS’ Brigades described as being racially ‘pure’ and ‘superior’! As many Russians are Slavs of Swedish origination – why were two branches of what is essentially the same ‘ethnicity’ or ‘race’ treated in such two divergent manners? Over the past centuries, particularly under Charles X (1622-1660), Swedish troops had continuously invaded Russia and tried to politically annex it as a natural extension of Swedish hegemonic power and influence. This was scuppered time and again by Peter the Great. The reason why the descendants of the Swedes (and Danes) in Russia are considered racially inferior in the West today, is because it is widely known that these ‘Vikings’ intermixed with the local Asian populations and made what was effectively a ‘new’ ethnicity! The bourgeois, capitalist West today, very much expresses the thinking of Hitler in its implicit treatment of the Russians. After-all, many are of the opinion that the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union was nothing less than the capitalist West completing the plan that Hitler unleashed in 1941! When Barack Obama instigated a Neo-Nazi regime in West Ukraine in 2014 – he knew exactly what he was doing – and this is why the morality of this ‘Black’ man must be profoundly examined! The ‘Euro-Maidan’ Neo-Nazi regime was overtly pro-American (what does this tell us about the US?), and vocally ‘anti-Russian’ in an extremely racist and hateful manner! For eight-years this regime has committed continuous atrocities against the people of East Ukraine, not to mention those designated ‘undesirable’ (such as gays, Romany, Blacks, Asians, the Disabled and Jews, etc), which have been purged from within its own society. Indeed, such has been its corruption that its criminality has only been matched by the murderous IDF of Zionist Israel! The Russian military has pre-empted a planned military assault upon East Ukraine by the US, UK and EU using Neo-Nazi Ukrainian troops armed with NATO weaponry! So far, the Russian military has prevailed upon every front! ACW (28.2.2022)

Modern Russia is a capitalist country whose cultural direction and ideological attitude is directed by the class interests of the bourgeoisie (and the Russian Orthodox Church). The bourgeoisie took power from the working-class in 1991 – a change which deprived an alliance of the proletariat and peasants from controlling the means of production – which had originally taken power from Russia’s aristocracy and bourgeois in 1917. President Putin and the current government of Russia is not a Revolutionary government – but is merely involved with a battle of wills concerning which branch of the international bourgeoisie will control the ‘present’ and ‘future’ of the Russian region. The US is the primary, imperialist player in the world that seeks to financially and culturally control the countries of all others, and it does this by directly owning and controlling the various so-called ‘central banks’ that exist within capitalist countries around the world. If a country ‘misbehaves’ or ‘deviates’ in any way from the predatory capitalist message – then the US seeks to punish and control that country by hindering the flow of wealth through it. The US achieves this through the mechanism of the ‘central bank’ network that permeates the capitalist globe! All countries collude with this US manipulation because they also possess central banks directly controlled by the US and do not want to be subjected to this despotic financial hindrance, a process that can bring-down democratically elected governments. 

The problem with modern Russia is that when the USSR fell, Russia’s new bourgeois leaders stopped short of allowing a US-controlled central bank from being established within Russian territory. Russia, instead pursued an ‘independent’ capitalist path that the US initially accepted as it was preferable to Russia being controlled by the working-class pursuing a Socialist direction of development. The thinking in Washington was that after ten-years or so, Moscow would eventually see the advantage of having its capitalist economy directly controlled by the US – but with the election of President Putin in 2000 (and his continued holding of this post) – Russia failed to ‘ban’ the Communist Party (which currently occupies around one-third of the democratically elected seats in the modern Russian Parliament), pursued ‘left-of-centre’ policies designed to relieve poverty, and completely failed to generate a climate that would allow the smooth transition of financial power from the Russian bankers to the Americans! In an effort to ‘persuade’ Russia to comply to the strictures of US-controlled capital, America ‘moved’ the boundaries of NATO toward the Russian borders on at least five different occasions (contrary to assurances given by the US to the USSR in 1991).  

One giant power-grab originated with Barack Obama who strove to take control of the Crimea and the Ukraine – and then ‘protect’ both geographical locations from Russian aggression by making both former Soviet Republics full members of NATO – with both hosting US (and allied) military forces upon their territories – immediately adjacent to Russian sovereign territory. Of course, this plan did not unfold during 2014 as the Obama Administration had hoped, and Russia skilfully countered the situated by completely negating the US presence in the Crimea, and partly halting the advance of American influence half-way through the Ukraine. The interesting contradiction in all this anti-Russia policy emanating from Washington is that a ‘Black’ President decided to use the vehicle of ‘Neo-Nazism’ as the agency through which US foreign policy would be delivered to the people of the Crimea and the Ukraine! This policy was augmented by a bourgeois media campaign in the West which demonised the ‘Slavic’ race (as Hitler had done), and represents that ethnicity just as it misrepresents the Chinese – as being physically, psychologically, emotionally and culturally ‘inferior’, occupying a political direction that is ‘deficient’ at every turn just as long as it does not recognise or support US hegemony!  

The agency of Russian hegemonic power in East Ukraine are the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk – two entities now recognised by Russia as legitimate States in their own right (as of 22.2.2022), which have possessed overtly ‘Communist’ movements since their inception. I do not support either modern Russian or US hegemony – as both represent a power tussle between different branches of the international bourgeoisie! Where I entered the fray was in ‘translating’ texts written in Russian for the Communist Party of Donetsk in the early days (following the events of 2014), but as the cause of Donetsk became more popular and better represented, I switched my translation abilities to the lesser well-known Communist Party of Lugansk and spent a number of years translating articles from their website into English – although the website I was given has not been updated since 2020 (when it used to be regularly active). Lugansk and Donetsk also possess very active pages on VK and other social media pages. Now that these two ‘Republics’ have been recognised by Russia, time will tell whether they will be annexed or whether their Communist Movements will be allowed to continuously call for the re-establishment of the Soviet Union. Today, Russia opposes the Americans not as class enemies but rather as class contenders. Russia represents a modern capitalism within a country that was once Socialist – whilst the US represents a form of capitalism in a conquered country that was never Socialist! Russia cannot represent a ‘fairer’ type of capitalism – as no such beast exists! Thinking like this, falls into the trap of validating the traitors of 1991 that ‘sold’ the Proletariat Revolution to the highest bidder!  

Modern Russia has two clear military objectives: 1) Push US influence out of Ukraine, 2) Destroy the Neo-Nazi regime that took-power in 2014 and 3) Serve notice to the countries surrounding Russia (and subject to Russian influence), that any cooperation with the US in anti-Russian activities will not be tolerated and may well lead to military retaliation. Due to the misinformation and disinformation surrounding the US anti-intellectual representation of Russia, the West has already been surprised by the advanced state of the Russian military. America has made a substantial interpretative error by presenting firstly Soviet history, and secondly modern Russian history – in an untruthful and ahistorical light. Russian military capability has seen a nuclear submarine appear off the coast of the US – apparently out-manoeuvring all US defensive technology, whilst Russian fighter planes have deployed a ‘jamming’ technology that has rendered the internal capabilities of US fighter jets obsolete when engaging in dog-fights around the borders of Russian air-space! Meanwhile, on the ground, the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Forces have been defeated left, right and centre, with many units of the Ukrainian Army ‘defecting’ to the Lugansk or Donetsk side! Surely, Russia’s fight against Neo-Nazism makes its position superior to that of the US, UK and EU which have been collectively pursuing an obvious agenda of supporting Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine! Of course, Germany is very much a central part of the EU and is once again supporting the forces of Nazism as it did when it last invaded Russia between 1941-1945! 

The contradiction of life within modern Russia is writ-large. Much of the US (bourgeois) anti-intellectualism that fuelled the American misrepresentation of Soviet history between 1917-1991 is standard learning material in Russian schools and universities – even though none of it is true. The point of this misrepresentation of Soviet history is that of conforming to the interests of that class which now controls the means of production in Russia – namely the bourgeoisie. The lies of the US bourgeoisie (which have disempowered the American working-class) are now exactly the sustenance the Russian bourgeoisie requires to stay in power and disempower the Russian working-class! Lies across the sea, as it were. Russian social media has a veneer of US lies which act as the point of first contact for most young Russian minds – who do not bother seeking much beyond its confines. Stalin was Hitler – and the USSR was a giant concentration camp – and that is that. It is only by scratching the surface and bothering to look deeper whilst carrying-out proper research that the real ‘historical’ Soviet Union starts to emerge. I liken this process in the West to academic archaeology – where we have to carefully brush away the obscuring and misleading surface debris to ascertain the true size and shape of that which lies beneath! Of course, those that ‘know’ have to live alongside those who only ‘think’ they know – and have to put-up with their inane chatter! Just as the US, UK and EU countries very carefully choose what kind of countries or regimes they allow to exist in their proximity or sphere of influence – modern Russia is exercising exactly the same kind of freedom of choice. Russia – even in its ‘capitalist’ version – draws the line at accommodating ‘Neo-Nazi’ regimes on its borders installed by the West!  

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